Spay-Ghetti and No Balls Fundraising Event: My Experience

Charli Saltzman

On Saturday, March 7, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors along with No Kill Canine Rescue held a fabulous spaghetti supper in order to help fund both organizations. I had the wonderful privilege of attending, along with my guide dog. First of all, I sat behind the registration table and observed as volunteers signed people into the event. This gave me the opportunity to find out how many people attended, and it seemed to me that this event had a great turnout. While I sat behind the registration table for a while, I did get the opportunity to go sit down, have some delicious spaghetti, and watch the dessert auction. Each organization also gave a brief description of themselves, so along with being fun, the event was educational. Let’s talk now about each thing that took place at the event.

Both LAA and No Kill Canine Rescue are huge advocates for the spaying and neutering of pets. So, to honor that, they chose to leave the meatballs out of the spaghetti. While I enjoyed delicious spaghetti, Joba enjoyed peeking out from under the chair to see what everyone was doing. While I was sitting behind the registration table, Joba made sure to greet everyone by placing his paw slightly out from under the table. I guess he wanted people to know that, at this animal event, there was, indeed, an animal present. While the spaghetti was absolutely delicious, I also got to meet some new people.

My family attended the event with me, and when I went to sit with them to eat, I noticed that another couple was sitting with them. I had the chance to talk to them, and it was nice getting to meet other people who love animals as much as I do. I think that’s probably my favorite part. Everyone there had a genuine concern and care for animals. This genuine care and concern for our pets was displayed through the videos and speakers.

This event was also educational. Both the president of LAA and the executive director of No Kill Canine Rescue provided those in attendance with information about the pet overpopulation. I guess it surprised me to learn how many dogs are unsuccessful in finding a good home. Thankfully, all is not lost because LAA’s spay/neuter program and No Kill’s rescue and adoption services make it possible for lost pets to find a home. Notice that this organization is a rescue and not a shelter. All of the dogs live in foster homes until someone adopts them. I used to think that LAA and No Kill Canine Rescue were organizations apart from each other, and while they are obviously not one organization, they work together with the Capital Humane Society along with other shelters across Nebraska to help ensure that each pet is being placed in a shelter or foster home where they will be considered for adoption.

Throughout the fun activities of this event, there is one common denominator between the spaghetti, desserts, and the educational materials provided for us. This common denominator is our animals. Why did LAA and No Kill Canine Rescue have this event? It surely took a lot of effort and work for all of the volunteers. So why would they go to all this work? I believe it is because we want to protect our animals. We want our puppies and kittens to find loving families who will take care of them, play with them, and not desert or abandon them. If you didn’t attend Spay-Ghetti and no Balls this year, perhaps you will consider attending next year. Not only will you get to eat delicious food, meet new people, and learn things you didn’t know, you will provide more funding for these organizations advocating for our pets. You never know – maybe this event could help you find your perfect pet.


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