2015 Cruelty-Free Must Haves

Alexandra Hart

Many years ago the term animal testing was brought to my attention. My first thought of a test being done on an animal was simply a furry creature being washed with shampoo to see how soft it turned out. I don’t remember giving it much thought, but I vaguely recollect thinking something along those lines. When I was introduced to the harsh reality of animal testing, I immediately decided to make a lifestyle change and vowed to discontinue any behavior that could possibly be threatening to the lives of animals. This meant finding new options.

The first step I took was to check out all of my favorite personal care products. To my surprise nearly every brand in my bathroom cabinet DID use animal testing. At first the thought of wiping out each one seemed daunting. But after a little research I slowly replaced every item. Now when I look at the mindfully selected merchandise which has taken each ones place, I feel a true sense of satisfaction. I made sensible purchases, products that had been thoroughly checked into, and as a bonus, it steered me away from needless impulse buying.

Many companies are making intelligent choices also, for instance, deciding to use new approaches when it comes to product safety. Countless alternatives, including predictive strategies are being utilized to develop new animal friendly cosmetics and personal care goods. Buyers are demanding cruelty free products and companies are taking notice. These brands are becoming more and more available in department stores, boutiques, grocery stores and drug stores making it easier than ever before to by cruelty free.

The best way to be certain that the product you are buying was not tested on animals, is to look for the leaping bunny symbol. The leaping bunny is the global, cruelty free standard used to provide assurance that the company you are buying from does not use animal testing. The easiest place to find products with the leaping bunny are at organic grocery stores such as Whole Foods, however just because a product does not have the leaping bunny does not mean that it doesn’t fit the bill. Animal friendly brands can be found easily, it just takes a little knowledge and a dedication to the well-being of animals.

Voting with your dollar will continue to aid in the evolution of humane product development. Perhaps someday very soon the United States will follow in the footsteps of The European Union, Norway, Israel and India by banning cosmetics tested on animals. Our personal choices will have a large impact on this type of legislation and continue to shape the industry as we know it.

Here are a few of my favorite products which come from certified ‘no animal testing’ brands.

  1. TAN TOWEL BRAND Tan Towels:  With more than one million people being diagnosed with some form of skin cancer each year, a great sunless tanner is essential.  These single use towels are fantastic for giving you a natural streak free tan instantly.  Pick up a single tan towel or a pack of 10 at your local Sephora or Beauty First stores.
  2. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo:  Using tea tree, peppermint and lavender extracts the Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner not only invigorate the senses but are great for dry and flakey scalp. Aside from creating great products, Paul Mitchell has paved the way for the cruelty free industry becoming the first company to publicly oppose animal testing in 1989.
  3. NYX COSMETICS BB Cream:  One of the most popular new trends in the cosmetic industry, BB creams are a skin care and cosmetic hybrid wrapped into one. The result is smoother and brighter skin as it moisturizes and provides coverage simultaneously.  The NYX brand is a professional makeup at a reasonable price and can be found at your local Ulta beauty store.
  4.  THE HONEST COMPANY Toothpaste:  The Honest Company, known for their non-toxic sustainable products is committed to putting corporate social responsibility at their forefront.   Along with numerous other natural personal care products, their toothpaste brightens, fights plaque, and builds tooth enamel without the added questionable chemicals.
  5. TRADER JOE’S BRAND Laundry Detergent:  Getting rave reviews time and time again, the Trader Joes brand laundry detergent is effective and cost efficient.  With the cost being about $8 for a gallon container and customer reviews proving that it is excellent in removing tough stains and keeping colors bright, Trader Joes laundry detergent takes the cake for animal friendly natural detergents.
  6. THE BODY SHOP Olive Shower Gel:  A Body Shop best seller, the lather rich Olive shower gel has a light clean scent which moisturizes as it cleanses.  The brand, often recognized for their delightful scents and their animal friendly approach, continues to work with Cruelty Free International in support of a global ban on animal testing in cosmetics.
  7. Avalon Organics Vitamin C Vitality Facial Serum:  According to the Dr. Oz show, applying vitamin C topically can be 20% more effective than taking it orally and helps to combat and reverse signs of aging.  The Avalon Organics treatment serum helps to reactivate cellular renewal and targets sagging, lines and hyperpigmentation.  This serum contains Vitamin C along with the important active ingredients recommended by the nation’s top plastic surgeons to drop a decade off your face without surgical procedures.
  8. JASON Apricot Scrubble Facial Wash:  Scrub away impurities and brighten skin with this gentle apricot exfoliator.  Mild enough to use daily, this cleanser will wash away dead skin and leave skin soft and glowing.  JASON, a name which means healer in Greek, stays true to a strict code of honor.  This includes using safe, gentle and effective ingredients which are never tested on animals.
  9. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Hand Soap:  Coming in a plethora of unique scents from Geranium to Basil, Mrs. Meyers hand soap, can  be found at most Targets and is made of natural ingredients and essential oils. This earth friendly brand provides cleaning products as well as hand and body soaps which are all cruelty free and not tested on animals.



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