Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter

I have been to a lot of different places. I’ve been to Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and I can’t forget to mention, New Jersey of course. I’ve also been to New York three times. I guess this is sort of ironic because this makes me look like a traveler when, in fact, I’m not. I would be the first to say I don’t like traveling unless I’m going with other people. Then, I guess I like it. However, even though I’ve been so many places, there is one place where I longed to go. Worlds of Fun. I finally made that trip in 2012 with my Mom and Dad, sister, and my aunt, uncle, and cousins. It was a short, weekend trip, and it was fun spending a day at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. I mentioned in another post that my dogs usually went on vacation with me. This year, however, I did not bring Errol. In fact, I left him with a trusted friend.

Finding the perfect pet sitter for your dog is crucial. You never want to pick just anyone. I highly suggest researching different boarding kennels, dog hotels, or sitters to decide which one would be appropriate. Also, when you narrow it down to a few, make sure you interview them. Ask them questions such as: How many dogs do you pet sit at one time? Are the dogs always in the kennels? Do you ever take them out, walk, or play with them? And, how much will it cost to board my dog? Asking these questions is important because you want to find someone who will treat your dog with the utmost care and kindness.

Another good way to research pet sitting facilities is to ask around. Perhaps you have friends that have left their dogs before. Ask them where they left their dog. Also, it does not hurt to ask someone, when you find a location you think is perfect, if they’ve ever heard of that particular sitter and what they think of it. While dog hotels and boarding kennels are an option, there is another option that might suit both you and your dog better.

Probably the best sitter would be a good friend. This friend should know both you and your dog very well. Along with that, it should be someone your dog feels very comfortable with. For example, maybe you and your dog are always going over to this person’s house. I know that, when we always took our pet dog over to my Grandma’s house, she always treated it like home. It was the same way when our cousins would watch her. She felt right at home at both my Grandma’s house and my cousin’s house. You want your dog to be comfortable, and having someone you know and trust is the best way to accomplish this. I personally would not use a boarding kennel for my guide dogs. I would rather have someone who knows me and my dog, like my friend who watched Errol. I knew I could count on her. So, why is it important to be cautious of where you leave your pet?

First of all, you wouldn’t want to leave your dog in a place where they are not taken care of. For example, an owner of a dog hotel or boarding kennel could be irresponsible, therefore your dog is not being properly fed, taken outside periodically, or getting the appropriate exercise. Having an in-home pet sitter is possible, but you want to make sure that it is someone you can trust both with your dog and with your home. It is very important that a pet sitter is a professional sitter who knows a lot about dogs. Also, you don’t want your dog in a situation where he or she is mistreated. If your dog is already sad when you leave him, it will only make it worse next time if he has been mistreated while you were away. Most likely, this probably won’t happen. I’m sure that people who open these dog boarding facilities have to pass some sort of regulation. It just never hurts to make sure. You want to be on vacation knowing that your dog is safe and secure. If you are constantly worrying about your dog, well, you aren’t enjoying your vacation. However, if you find a sitter whom you believe you can trust, you will be able to soak in the sun, enjoy those fancy dinners, and be interested in the tour without worrying about your dog at home. Finding the perfect pet sitter is crucial for you, first of all, to have a relaxing vacation and for your dog to feel comfortable and, hopefully, have fun. I mean, isn’t it only fair that, if you are on vacation, your dog is on vacation too?




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