Funny Animal Experiences

Charli Saltzman

I think we could all use a laugh, and I’ve got the perfect story to tell you. It involves a camel, baby kangaroos, a donkey, and a miniature horse. Okay, let’s start at the beginning. One summer, my family and I traveled to Arkansas for a Saltzman family reunion. The reunion was held at a camp ground, and the road leading out to it was very bumpy. Unfortunately, the road managed to put a hole in one of our tires. So, the next day, my family and I drove to town to get it fixed, and on our way back, we saw this animal safari. As we drove by, we saw some loose animals. I don’t remember the types of animals that were loose, but I think there were some deer walking around. Further up the road, we saw pens that contained animals, and a person was able to get out of their car and just walk up to them. I was excited because I love animals. However, what followed was not what I expected.

The first pen contained baby kangaroos. There was a bucket of feed beside us, so my sister and I each took a handful of feed and laughed as finger-like paws reached for the food in our hands. It was so adorable. After the cute little kangaroos, we moved onto the camel. However, the camel kept making this strange growling sound, and we were afraid it was going to spit at us. So, we moved away from that. The funny thing was, the camel kept following us along the fence line, and to me, it sounded like it was chasing us. I was holding onto my dad’s elbow as I didn’t have a guide dog yet, and as we were walking, Dad put me closest to the fence. It was making me nervous because it sounded like the camel was right beside me. So to this day, I tell people that I’ve been chased by a camel before.

And then, there were the donkeys. Have any of you been bit by a donkey? I have. I was just reaching my hand through to touch it, and it bit me on the wrist. And the miniature horse was no different. It nipped at me as well. I didn’t know what was going on. Were all of the animals after me? Did I do something to offend them? Whenever I recall that silly experience at that particular safari, I always say I was chased by a camel, bit by a donkey, and nipped at by a horse. It was attack Charli day in the world of the animals I guess. Or, perhaps the animals just have a sense of humor. I’m always looking back on that day and laughing about the events. It was another one of those fun family events. Plus, I actually got to feel a kangaroo. This type of thing is always special to me. If I can’t see it, I like to be able to touch it. This isn’t always possible for many zoo animals, so I guess that’s why this experience, while both humorous and maybe a little nerve wracking, was amazing.

I think this was the place we drove through.


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