The Cause for Paws Boutique

Do you enjoy shopping? Or, maybe you just have so many clothes in your closet that just don’t fit anymore. Well, how about going to the Cause for Paws Boutique? Earlier this week, I went over to the clothing store to do an interview with the owner. See, the Cause for Paws Boutique isn’t just a clothing store. It is a special clothing store. Let me tell you why.

The minute I walked into the store, I was greeted not only by the owner of the store but also a really sweet dog that was excited to see Joba and I. I immediately felt that this would be a fun environment to work and shop. With the nice people, friendly dogs, and soft music playing in the background, I could find myself considering this place a home away from home. But what is so special about the Cause for Paws Boutique? Well, first of all, this is a clothing store that donates proceeds to animal organizations in Lincoln. Some of the organizations include Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue, the Cat House, the Humane Society, and yes, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors. The owner and founder, Adair Sue Smith Sturgis, was willing to fill me in about the history of the store and why she chose to open a clothing store to help animals.

Cause for Paws began in 2008. It later moved and is now located at 2445 South 48th Street here in Lincoln. The goal of the organization is to not only help animals but also people. For one thing, people can buy clothes they can easily afford, and we’re talking top-notch clothes that have been generously donated from other people. And then, that money goes to different animal organizations. At one time, the Cause for Paws Boutique helped people by paying for the pet food or the vet bill. But thanks to Lincoln Animal Ambassadors, now people have another source where they can get pet food—the pet food bank. However, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors might not be able to do this without help from other places such as Cause for Paws. Now you may be wondering, why a clothing store?

When I asked the owner this question, she said that a clothing store would be easier than just having people donate money. Instead, they had something to purchase. Again, it benefits both the organization and the person buying the clothes. Not only do animal organizations benefit from the money, but a Cause for Paws Boutique customer leaves with quality merchandise and a smile on their face. Cause for Paws makes people feel special as workers establish relationships with customers. Cause for Paws is a strong advocate for animals, and they would like to see a change for animals in many different ways.

First, they would love to see the closing of puppy mills. Cause for Paws believes we should hold animals in the highest esteem. After all, they do so much for us. And finally, seeing dogs and cats find loving homes is one of the organization’s biggest desires. If this is something you also desire, take a day to go shopping at the Cause for Paws Boutique.

Find Cause for Paws Online: Cause for Paws


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