The other Side of the Pit Bull

Pit Bulls, one of the most-feared, most stereotyped breeds in the United States. The problem is that people do things to these dogs to make them fit the stereotype. For example, they are mistreated and abused, trained to fight, and we wonder why there are Pit Bulls that are nasty. It’s not false. Stereotypes stem from somewhere, and you hear all the time that Pit Bulls are the ones that attack people the most. I’m not going to say Pit Bulls are the nicest dogs in the world because no breed is the nicest dog in the world. Okay, perhaps golden retrievers are at the top of the list. Either way, I’m not going to tear down or build up the stereotypes, but what I am going to do is tell you about the true Pit Bull. Because personality is probably the most interesting thing to hear about, I will tell you about the general personality of a Pit Bull. Keep in mind while reading this that, while this may be the general personality of a Pit Bull, each dog is his or her own individual and should be treated as such. So, let’s begin.

First of all, did you know that the Pit Bull is actually a mix of different Bulldog breeds? We tend to believe that the Pit Bull is its own breed along with calling other bull dogs Pit Bulls when they might not actually be Pit Bulls. Just like guide dogs from the Seeing Eye can be called Seeing Eye dogs, it would be wrong to say that guide dogs from other schools are Seeing Eye dogs. The term Seeing Eye dog has been majorly overused, just as the name Pit Bull has been. Because Pit Bulls can be a mix of different bulldogs, size can vary; however, they all have a stocky build. They have a long lifespan and can live between the ages of 12-14 years. This is because these dogs are usually healthy, playful, energetic, and athletic. So, now that you know a little more about the physical characteristics, let’s talk about the personality of a Pit Bull.

First, the pit bull is very muscular and strong. However, it has a gentle and docile way about itself. This gentle side of them makes them good companions for families with children. Some may find this surprising as not only the general public but also the media makes these dogs look vicious. These pit bulls can be described as a clown, always making his or her owner laugh. They enjoy being very silly. However, just because this dog is loyal, obedient, and willing to please, it is important to recognize that a Pit Bull is not for everyone.

Pit Bulls are strong-willed and require a strong-willed person to care for them. Pit Bulls aim to please their masters, and if handled, trained, and socialized appropriately, they will be wonderful companions. Socialization and training is key in the success of having a well-behaved Pit Bull. These dogs have a strong prey drive that often influences them to chase things smaller than them such as other dogs. Therefore, Pit Bulls tend to not be very friendly with other dogs. Because Pit Bulls tend to not like other dogs, it is important to teach them obedience skills and keep them on leash and under control when around other dogs. Also, it is never a good idea to leave a Pit Bull alone with a child it does not know. There is a reason why these aggressive characteristics tend to show up in the Pit Bull.

Pit Bulls have a very interesting history. The breed was created due to the mix breeding of different terriers and bulldogs in the early 19th century in Scotland, Ireland, and England. These dogs were trained in the sport of bull and bear baiting in which they would attack a larger animal until the animal was defeated. Perhaps this is why Pit Bulls seem to be a “never give up” type of dog. However, when this was banned, the sport of dog fighting was adopted. Immigrants then brought these dogs with them from Europe to North America. The goal of many Pit Bull Rescues is to change the life of a Pit Bull around. Rescues want to make these Pit Bulls companions for people. While the Pit Bull is gaining a popular companion pet status, this is a difficult goal to accomplish because of the many stereotypes about these dogs.

For example, a Pit Bull owner who lives in an apartment may have a difficult time convincing their landlord and neighbors that they have a good dog. In fact, many apartment managers will not allow you to have a Pit Bull or will not let you rent an apartment from them. Insurance companies are also turning away Pit Bull owners. It’s definitely going to take time for people to understand that Pit Bulls deserve just as much love as other dogs. Hopefully people will soon realize the good side of the Pit Bull.

Watch these hilarious Pit Bull videos.


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