Fiction: Fruity’s New Home

Here, I want to share a couple of stories based on the lives of my own guinea pigs, the first of whom I got in February of 2001 and the last of whom passed away in June 2013. Photos and illustrations are mine. In the future, I hope to share more of their escapades, as well as those of my other pets.

fruity_04I bring my new guinea pig into my bedroom. Along the back wall are my night table, my bed, and her cage. I put her carrier on the floor. Andy closes my bedroom door, but there is no need to protect her wanderings. She stays huddled in the blanket within her carrier.

She is not anxious to move. She is not anxious to take on yet another adventure. Guinea pigs are not typically explorers. Leaving her family was enough of an adventure for one day. She’s staying put!

Her hair is tousled and puffed, as if she has awakened from a sleep. I stroke her and then pick her up. I hold her close to my face to comfort her.

She sniffs my hands and hair. Oh dear, another adventure! She wants her mother. I am not her mother. She tests the air with her nose. There are no pigs or doves here. There is nothing familar here.
fruity_06I open the door to her cage, her new home. The cage is the length of my leg. A black wire frame forms the walls and the overhead roof. A gray plastic tray serves as a bottom and is lined with wood shavings.  In it, she has a ramp leading to an overhead ledge, play tube, litter box, water bottle, and hayrack. I’ve tried to fill her cage with all the necessities. I’ve tried to make a comfortable home.


Your Turn!

  • What did it feel like to move to a new place?
  • What kind of home does your pet have?
  • How did they first react to their new home?

Share your memories here.



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