Fiction: Fruity’s Security Blanket

Here, I want to share a couple of stories based on the lives of my own guinea pigs, the first of whom I got in February of 2001 and the last of whom passed away in June 2013. Photos and illustrations are mine. In the future, I hope to share more of their escapades, as well as those of my other pets.
fruity_07Fruity darts out of my hands, into her cage, and out of sight under the cage ledge. I don’t make a move, unsure of whether to disturb her. “I forgot to put her blanket in,” I murmur to Andy.

“Go ahead. Put it in,” Andy advises. “She needs to get used to your smell.”

I remove the blanket (the first item that I had given her) from the carrier and gently slide it under the ledge. I also add a chewing block. Some guinea pigs strengthen their teeth on chewing blocks.

Then I close her cage door, sit back on my heels, and wait. I have a new companion!

I hope she likes her new home. I hope she likes me. I hope we become friends.

I bend forward to peek again at her. She’s retreated to the furthest corner. This guinea pig needs time to adapt!


Your Turn!

  • What most comforts you?
  • How did you receive that object?
  • What object does you pet best like?
  • When did your pet receive it?

Share your memories here.


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