Fiction: Holding Time with Fruity!

Here, I want to share a couple of stories based on the lives of my own guinea pigs, the first of whom I got in February of 2001 and the last of whom passed away in June 2013. Photos and illustrations are mine. In the future, I hope to share more of their escapades, as well as those of my other pets.

I open her cage door and slowly reach towards her with both hands. Fruity is hidden under her ledge. I slip one hand behind her to provide support to her backside. I attempt to place my other hand in front of her to hold her belly.
fruity_10She darts into the open area of her cage. Bedding scatters everywhere!

“Come on, girl,” I whisper and reach for her again. She flees from me again–back under her ledge.

Andy and I close the cage door. Then we lift the cage top and remove the ledge. I reach for Fruity a third, forth, and fifth time, before I finally figure out at what speed to capture her.
fruity_111I hold Fruity close to my chest, allowing my hair to fall over her for cover. She squirms, while I rock her and tell her, “Andy and I are going to go shopping. We’re going to buy you treats. We’re going to buy you some fruits and vegetables.”

I am not her mother, but Fruity settles into my arms. Perhaps, we’re becoming friends?

Your Turn!

  • How do you react when scared?
  • What calms you when you’re scared?
  • How does your pet react to being held?
  • How does your pet react when scared?

Share your memories here.


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