Guest Post: Senior Dogs Deserve Homes Too

Reprinted with permission from Hindy Pearson, Caring for a Senior Dog. September 23, 2015.

I admit I feel sad and frustrated, watching people in shelters looking for the puppies. Of course they’re too cute for words, but in their final years, don’t senior dogs deserve homes too!

People, I beg you. Before you actually get the puppy, think about how realistic it is for your lifestyle, and physical abilities, because it isn’t fair on the puppy when you aren’t able to satisfy his needs, then return him because you didn’t think it through.

Now consider all a senior dog has to offer.

Considering the older dog

Munchkin-300x225You see his size, temperament, and even how much training he’s received.

By getting the dog from a rescue group or shelter with knowledgeable staff, you can state your requirements, and they’ll help match you up with a dog to suit your lifestyle.

You want a dog, but aren’t sure you are able to devote the next 10+ years (give or take, depending on the breed) to one. An older dog could be the answer.

Having been abandoned, or neglected, they are grateful for a loving home.

You can’t beat the feeling you get, knowing you gave a dog a second chance, and more than likely saved him from being killed in a shelter.

Older dogs generally have some kind of training; they just might need a refresher. Behavior problems in most shelters would have led to them being killed.

Most have mellowed, and happy to sit with you while you watch TV or read a book.

Adopting an older dog shows compassion, and that life has value, no matter what the age.

You won’t be supporting the cruel puppy mill industry, by getting a puppy from a pet store, or backyard breeder.

As someone who does their part to help rescue seniors, with dreams of opening The Saffy Pearson Retirement Home for Animals, I have had my share of sorrow from losing them all too soon.

What comforts me, and allows me to keep doing what I do, is knowing that dog did not die alone, and someone loved him or her, in the end.

Hindy Pearson is dedicated to creating as complete a resource as she can, for people who share their lives with seniors. She is a Pet Care Consultant, offering in home consultations to people who are looking for behaviour and training advice. Hindy Pearson runs The Saffy Pearson Resource Centre, a mobile resource offering the same advice as her pet consultancy business, only this service is free when at various locations. Her dream is to open The Saffy Pearson Retirement Home for Abused and Abandoned Animals.


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