The Unconditional Love of Blossom

What makes a cat special? Is it the number of hits that her video gets online? Is it the amount of miles she traveled to return to her owner? Or is the type of danger she lived in before being rescued? All of those can and do bring fame to a cat. But are these the only cats whose lives are worth honoring? What about the story of Blossom who reached out to Erin in a vet’s office?

Blossom_Erin2Years ago, Erin found herself in the unenviable position of having cat of hers develop asthma to the point that breathing was impossible without support. Despite a week with an oxygen tent, there was little hope of recovery. With heavy heart, Erin made the drive to the vet where she said held her cat until time to say the final goodbye. Afterwards through tears, she began the tedious process of filling out paperwork and paying bills.

That’s when the unexpected happened. A mixed-breed cat (part Snowshoe, part Siamese, part Manx) who had been abandoned at the clinic jumped into Erin’s lap. Erin said, “the cat purred and purred and talked to me while I cried,” and stayed with her until she felt calm enough to leave the vet’s office. A few days later when Erin’s mom brought her own cats to the clinic for a routine check-up, the vet told her about the abandoned cat taking to Erin, and asked if Erin would like to adopt her. And so Erin did. Ever since that day, the two have been the best of friends. “She and I are more attached than I’ve ever been to any animal, or human for that matter. There’s really nowhere else in the world I’d rather be than at home with her.”

Erin describes Blossom as having “more personality in her little paw than most people do in a lifetime”. Foremost, true to her Siamese nature, Blossom likes to talk and talk and talk. 🙂 But although Blossom isn’t shy, she does like to study new people and visitors from a safe distance before deciding that she needs to walk back and forth between Erin and the visitor asking attention.

Blossom2One of the funniest things Blossom does is that after using her litter box, she “takes off like a mad woman running and yowling through the apartment. Almost like a strange ritual after evacuating her bowels. Litter goes flying and she just tears through the place at a full-on run!”

Erin also shared with me an embarrassing moment that happened about two months ago. Blossom was hanging out with Erin, who was tidying up in the kitchen. As soon as Erin turned to walk to another room, Blossom raced past her feet and Erin lost her footing. She was wearing fuzzy socks, which are pretty slippery on wood floors, and so down she went! While Erin herself wasn’t particularly fazed by the accident, and even lay on the floor laughing hard, Blossom walked around Erin’s head crying and showing great concern.

Not only do the two chat constantly, but Blossom is like a shadow. If Erin is reading, Blossom is on Erin’s lap. If she’s watching TV, Blossom is on Erin’s lap. Even when Erin cooks and there’s no lap to be had, Blossom will sit nearby and watch. Finally, whenever Erin takes a nap and goes to bed, Blossom is right there beside her. Erin noted that Blossom is always eager for contact. She’ll find one of Erin’s hands or feet and lay down with her head on Erin’s fingers or toes. “It’s so cute, and she’ll just lay there and gaze at me with her big beautiful eyes.” And although Blossom is older, she still loves to play and chase toys.

I’d talk about Blossom all day to anyone who would listen if I could.

Blossom_Erin1Erin feels that her life has changed dramatically by the bond she shares with Blossom. For one thing, Blossom never judges her and has always made her feel as if she’s doing a good job. For another thing, so many people will jump from relationship to relationship trying to find happiness, while she has this amazing creature who fulfills her. “I feel like Blossom helps me maintain my independence, my autonomy. I also don’t feel like I have an empty spot in my life or the need to fill a void. Pets give us a kind of unconditional love that I often wonder if human beings are even capable of.”

Two lives changed because an abandoned cat choose to reach out to a grieving woman at a veterinarian’s office. Blossom now has a forever home and the ever-listening ear of Erin, while Erin has a doting companion who will always accept her just the way she is.

If you and your pet (of whatever kind) have a strong bond, or if one or more of your pets share a close friendship, we’d love to hear from you at LAA Pet Talk. Let’s brag about our pets and celebrate their lives.

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