Ways to Celebrate Your Pets in June

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to look again at the calendar, which is filled with special days for honoring our animal companions. Some were created by organizations; others by individuals; and the rest have unknown origins. Some of them are serious; others are light-hearted. They all might give ideas about how to have fun with or honor your pets. To help you keep track of pet calendar dates, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors will post a round-up of them every couple of weeks.

June 4: National Hug Your Cat Day

Of unknown origin, and just behind us on the calendar, is National Hug Your Cat Day. Studies have shown that cuddling with cats can reduce stress and increase relaxation. While some will say that cats aren’t affectionate, many owners know that cats show love in their own way. They might rub their heads against us, knead their paws on us, snuggle with us, purr at us, or just hang out with us. Likewise, we show our cats love in various ways. We take time to teach them tricks or train them. We take them for walks on leashes or in strollers. We lay with them, stroke them, pick them up, and even hug them. However affection is shown, the point of National Hug Your Cat Day is to encourage the bond that exists between cats and their owners.

And if you don’t have a cat? You could try hugging your friend’s or neighbor’s cat. Just don’t blame me if the cat doesn’t take kindly to your attempts and scratches you. 😉 Cats have their own minds about who can touch them.

Although I found one events calendar that listed National Hug Your Dog Day as falling in April, most events calendar don’t set aside any particular day for hugging any pet except the cat. So you could just use the day to hug whatever pet(s) you have.

Finally, check out the following post which shows all the multiple ways a cat can be hugged. If you try any of them or discover new ways, post a comment!

June 12: National World Memorial Pet Day

lucytributeHeld each second Sunday in June, World Pet Memorial Day is a time to reflect with love on the pets from our past and to celebrate our bond with them. Pets bring us many benefits: they can improve our mood, relieve our stress, and provide comfort in time of need. For many of us, pets become our family, and their loss leaves a forever hole in our hearts.

I and other pet owners have given various types of tribute to pets that have passed. We have participated in candle-lighting memorials, posted their photos online, written narratives about them, created scrapbooks, and kept mementos from their lives. Some have taken extra steps such as: offering support to other pet owners struggling with loss, getting involved in animal welfare, or fostering and/or adopting a homeless pet. Even vets often give tribute; some of ours have been remembered through donations to research and tree plantings. However you choose to honor pets who have died, the point of World Memorial Day is to remember them. Fact Monster offers additional suggestions for honoring deceased pets such as: buy a special urn for a pet’s ashes, hold a service, add an inscription to your pet’s gravestone, or even sponsor a community park bench in your pet’s name.

As with many of these special pet days, World Pet Memorial Day is also a time to support efforts to build a better future for animals who without help will never know a human/pet bond. In honor of a beloved dog or cat who has died, pet owners might give the gift of their time to a local shelter or rescue, make a monetary donation to a “paws cause,” or contribute tangibles such as food, toys, blankets, and other much-needed supplies to a shelter or rescue organization. Whatever you decide to do, on June 12, take time to remember all the animals that have touched your life.


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