An Author with a Mission: Jana Kohl

JanaKohlJana Kohl wears many hats. The one which interests me most is that of author. On her website, Kohl states that she was a bookworm as a kid and so her love of writing may be an extension of this. She loves to express herself through many creative outlets, but particularly in words.

Writing for Kohl is not only a mean of entertaining people, but also a way to reach people on an issue. Words help Kohl perform her other jobs as activist and psychologist. Her favorite type of feedback is to get letters from readers who tell her that A Rare Breed of Love inspired them to adopt a dog, write their elected officials, volunteer at a shelter, start a petition, or in some other way change their life.

Kohl’s livelihood is earned through her work as a psychologist. On her website, Kohl shares that years before she got her doctorate, she worked for the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, which exposed her to “one of the most heinous examples of cruelty mankind has ever known”. She became a psychologist to understand why humans can be cruel and to learn how to ease the suffering of others.

As an activist, Kohl has worked to raise awareness about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. She’s also a member of the Board of an organization that seeks to help orphaned children. Since adopting Baby, a puppy mill survivor, Kohl has also devoted her life to end the suffering of animals in industries that abuse them for profit.

Kohl wears other hats too. For example, although she admits to having stage fright in her younger years, since becoming an adult Kohl has discovered a love of the public speech. During a tour for her book, A Rare Breed of Love, Kohl found herself enjoying the experience of stopping at bookstores, schools and conferences. I found it interesting to read that Kohl is fascinated by the phenomenon of something that formerly instilled anxiety in her now has become a source of pleasure.

As noted at the start, Kohl loves to express herself through many creative outlets. Since a child, one of them has been through art. Today she is also a blogger, which is of course another way of using words.


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