Diary of a Chubby Piggie: The Early Years

Interested in animals other than cats and dogs? Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is proud to feature Diary of a Chubby Piggie. These imaginative diary entries of a guinea pig were written by Nikki Harbeston, back when she owned guinea pigs. Follow the exploits of Rocco throughout this week, at the end of which you’ll hear Nikki’s story about her special bond with Rocco. Nikki will also return once a month with a how-to column about the care of guinea pigs.

01-01-2011, 6:00 am

rocco_hayTimothy hay is my favorite guinea pig treat. Timothy hay makes the world go round, no doubt.  When my owner gets up, I demand hay.  For breakfast, lunch and dinner, I eat hay.  Growing a hay garden is my next project, so that I can have all the hay that I can eat.

01-01-2011, 7:00 am

As a low rider in the animal world I am the last to know when it rains. I can’t step in puddles and I can’t drive big cars cause I can’t see over the dashboard!  I am running late for work, I should have left 5 minutes ago, but I am writing this diary entry instead.  I work at Cavy Computers, designing microchips that help us guinea pigs talk. We are from the South American region, so we need to have a Latin accent.  My owner is preparing my travel cage so I can go to work and earn those pig bucks.  My owner loves taking me to work.

1-12-11, 1:08 pm

After 2 days of snow, I can finally step outside!  For a guinea, snow and ice are dangerous.  I just finished my lunch that consisted of Timothy Hay and watermelon.  I just noticed that my fur is very thin in one spot.  I will buy some Pigrogaine when I go PigMart.  Being out of work has given me time to play my CavyBox 720 with my shootem ups.  I like my Cavy Ops the best!!  Well, it is nap time, so I will write some more later.

1-13-11, 8:16 pm

Ah, after a long day at work there is nothing better than soaking in my SPA!  MY owner washed and dried all of my blankets and cuddly cups, too.  After my spa adventure, I rest in my RED cuddly cup and relax.  I’ve been thinking of my childhood days lately …  Being 3 years old in piggie years is like 30 in people years, maybe more, I dunno.  I miss the days of my youth!  I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow, so I am hitting the bed.

2/3/11, 12:10 pm

Wheek!! ! My owner was in and out of the hospital this week and I was busy driving her back and forth. Do you know how hard it is to fit a piggie into a Dodge Caliber and be able to see over the steering wheel?  Many days were spent worrying about her, but she is all better now.  She takes care of me, so I take care of her!

2-14-11, 7:50 pm

Happy Valentine’s Day!  My owner gets my favorite fruit as my present!  Watermelon!  I was so happy that I started popcorning and bucking like a bronco!  On another note, I quit my job!  My owners want me to stay home and enjoy my piggie life!!  I plan to do whatever I want!  I caught up with my friend, Bobby Kitten over lunch at the Guinea Garden last Friday.  We talked about the old days in daycare, playing catch, etc.

Flashback, 7/16/2007….

Daycare is fun!  Only a little over a few months old and I am with many guinea pigs, cats, dogs and ferrets.  That warm July day I met Bobby Kitten!  Bobby Kitten was an awesome tabby, with black strips and a solid black stripe down his back.  Being a guinea pig, I was very scared of cats. My mom piggie mom warned me of them before I was adopted by my humans.  However, I sat down on my kindermat and hoped he would not see me.  Bobby Kitten came over my way and I began to panic.  Just when I thought he was going to eat me, he said hi and started sharing his gummy tuna fishies with me!  That day I made a new best friend and learned all cats are not bad!

2-25-11, 9:09 pm

Friday is the best day of the week!  My owners have two full days to pet me, call me cute, and worship me!  Being the cute pig I am, it must be stated.  Since I do not work anymore I thought that I would have more time to write in my journal, but I am so busy having fun!

This morning after the rain stopped I went to play at the park with a squirrel that lives in the woods behind our home.  That squirrel won all three rounds of tennis!  The coolest part of the day is when my owners took me to Mellow Mushpig.  It serves human pizza and timothy hay pizza.

I am very fortunate to have people who care about me so much.  As a guinea pig, I have to rely on my owners.  I have been thinking a lot about my brother Max. He died when he was 1 1/2 years old.  He had a heart complication and had to be put to sleep by the vet.  He was cremated and buried in the back yard.  I do miss him and I wish he was here with me and enjoying these times.  Rest in peace brother, I love you!

03-09-2011 8:00 PM

Ah, that banana was so yummy!  Mom cut me a banana into slices and put it into my little dish. She is the best mom!

So, today has been busy.  I did laundry, vacuumed, etc.  The weather has been kinda of crummy so I’ve been readinrocco_cageg and my selection is extensive.  Today I read Cavy Potter, the Guinea Pig’s Apprentice.  I’ve tried to make more time to write in my journal, but I’m too busy.  Once a week is a good idea for now, but hopefully I can start writing more soon.

I’ve been thinking more about my daycare days!  Those were the days……Bobby Kitten made those days away from my owners fun and helped me not miss them as much.  One day we had Ice Cream day. I had no money. (Money was tight back then because my parents were working shorter hours at work due to the boss.) Bobby Kitten bought me some Ice Cream: cookies and cream popsicle.  Only a true friend would buy ice cream for someone!  To this day, cookies and cream is my favorite flavor of ice cream.  I’d love to write more, but I am very tired and I want to make time to read a Tale of Two Piggies!  Night, all!

03-15-2011 9:23 PM

Nothing is better than a day at the beach!  Mom and Dad surprised me with a trip to Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  Today I played with our neighbors, the Yorkies, Kitty and Xena.  We made sand castles and enjoyed hearing the ocean.  Everyone thought that my red trunks were just awesome and few doggie girls whistled at me.  Mom and Dad also brought Hue, the Betta fish on vacation.  He likes to swim in his little cage and sleep on top of the flowers.

Remember how I was reading A Tale of Two Piggies?  I finished that book last night, now on to Pig and the Carrot.  I love to read, it puts me in another world where I can drift away into complete serenity.

With our vacation not ending until Sunday, we’re just trying to enjoy our leisure time!  Being a guinea pig is great, especially with great parents like mine!

Reprinted with permission from Nikki Harbeston, Creative Stuff. She resides in South Carolina with her husband and dog. Her blog features Diary of a Chubby Piggie and Into the Journey of Dog. Copyright January to March 2011.

If you are a pet owner with writing skills, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors would love to hear from you! We’re especially looking for content about birds, exotic animals, and horses. Content may take the form of an advice column or how-to articles. You may even simply wish to act as an expert consultant. If you are interested, please post in the comments and we’ll be in touch.


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