New Features at LAA Pet Talk

LAA Pet Talk continues to grow in its offerings. Besides a wealth of articles, , we also now offer three directories  of local pet resources. In case you haven’t already discovered all our new menu options, this post will introduce you to them.

Two years ago, I submitted my first post to LAA Pet Talk. Since then, I’ve written close to 200 articles. In addition, LAA Pet Talk has featured about 75 guest posts, many of them written by Charli Saltzman. With that many posts, finding an old article can naturally be tough. That’s why earlier this fall we created a table of contents for our articles.

On the landing page for LAA Pet Talk, you’ll now see a list of all articles, organized by date of publication. But that’s not the only way to find past content. On larger displays, mouse-over All Articles in the menu, and on smaller displays click the Menu button. In both cases, you’ll see the following options:

  • Cat Articles
  • Dog Articles
  • Guinea Pig Articles
  • Pet Calendar Dates

As LAA Pet Talk has became more visible, we’ve been receiving more feedback. For example, some folks have asked about pet resources. LAA’s quarterly newsletter will continue to feature stories about local animal welfare groups, and the blog will offer increased coverage of local pet-related services.

You can also now find lists of pet resources through our right-hand menu. If you hover your mouse over Local Pet Resources, a dropdown menu will appear with these options:

  • Animal Welfare Groups
  • Pet-Friendly Places
  • Pet Services

When you check out these pages, if you realize a favorite pet resource isn’t listed, please let us know and we’ll gladly add it.

Before I close, I want to put out a call for contributions. If you know of anyone or would yourself be willing to write guest posts, LAA Pet Talk would love to expand its informational articles to include content on pet species not already featured, such as exotics, birds, and horses. In addition, keep your questions coming! We’ll can use them to expand our Miss Behavior column and to inspire articles.

Finally, thanks for your visits to LAA Pet Talk! We’re pleased to have grown from about 1500 visitors in 2015 to just under 5500 in 2016. May you find LAA Pet Talk a perfect stopping place for all your pet educational needs.


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