Cat’s Pajamas, A Luxury Hotel for Cats

Being a cat owner, I knew that Cat’s Pajamas is one of the pet services I wanted to write about for LAA Pet Talk. Located in a ranch-style brick building at 5034 Old Cheney Road, Cat’s Pajamas describes itself as a luxury cat hotel. After my tour of their business, I agree with this description. In this article, I’ll overview their business and share my interview with a store manager.

When finding the right space to open her business, Haralson said she had to go all in and purchase the large building because she didn’t want to worry about other residents’ possible cat allergies. Though it seemed to be a bit much at first, Haralson said it has paid off.
–Daily Nebraskan, Cat’s Pajamas Makes Your Feline Friend Feel Right at Home


The Daily Nebraskan ran a story on Cat’s Pajamas, which told the background on its owner. When her husband was off serving in the military and she needed someone to take care of her elderly dog while she was teaching in San Diego, she was unhappy with her options. She didn’t want to leave the dog with a neighbor or with a vet. This led her to the discovery that there were many professional pet caretakers, and that this could be something she would enjoy doing herself. This eventually led her to start her A Pause for Paws home-based pet sitting and dog walking business in 2003.

When it came time for A Pause for Paws to expand to an office setting, Haralson considered what would be the best way to make use of time, space and employees. She believed there was a market for cat-only overnight boarding. And so, Cat’s Pajamas was born!


Single Room
Single Room

The Cat’s Pajamas’s 3000-square-foot space has eighteen rooms that vary in size and theme.

  • Single Rooms cost $25/day, are about 28 square feet, and have a limit of one cat per room.
  • Double rooms cost a minimum of $30/day, are 40-50 square feet and have a limit of three cats per room.
  • Queen rooms cost a minimum of $35/day, vary from 64-100 square feet, and have a limit of 3-4 cats per room.
  • King rooms cost a minimum of 45/per day and vary from 65-130 square feet, and have a limit of 5 cats per room.

All rooms are theme-based, both in the painting of the walls and in the amenities provided. Natural light comes from glass doors, windows, and/or skylights. Glass doors allow for cats to observe the general area of the hotel and for staff to monitor the hotel’s occupants. Floors are tiled or carpeted. Standard amenities are scratching posts, hidey holes, and toys. Depending on the room selected, other amenities include beds, countertops, and cat towers. The incredible design that’s gone into these rooms left me wishing that not only my cats could board here, but that I could hang out here too.


Double Room
Double Room

Cat’s Pajamas tries to simulate a home environment for its feline residents. If you elect to board your cat at Cat’s Pajamas, you’ll need to bring food so that your cat’s normal diet remains the same during your absence. Two meals per day are served, one in the morning and one in the evening, but an alternate schedule can be requested. Litter will be provided, with clay being used for short stays and clumping used for longer stays. Cat’s Pajamas will try to match the litter box style you use at home. A daily check-up and cuddle is provided. Brushing and massages are extra with cost dependent on the package purchased.

Room sheets will track the daily habits and activities of each cat. If a cat isn’t feeling well, extra attention is given to eating, drinking, and bathroom habits. If an emergency were to arise, Cat’s Pajamas would follow the protocol specified by the owner. This might mean contacting the owner or it might mean calling a vet. On July 4th and other occasions when fireworks might upset a resident, background music is played to mask the startling sounds.

The incredible care and design that’s gone into Cat’s Pajamas left me wishing that not only could my cats board here but that I could too. Because it’s a cats-only “pet hotel,” there aren’t any barking dogs. Your cats will also have all the amenities they need to be happy, such as scratching posts, hiding spots, and climbing areas. However, you’ll want to be mindful of the costs, which can quickly add up. There’s a base room rate that depends on the size of the room. Then there will be a cost for each additional cat even if all your cats share a room. Perks such as brushing and massages may cost extra, depending on the package selected.


Queen Room
Queen Room

After my tour, I took a few minutes to talk to a store manager. Like many others in the pet industry, she grew up with pets. Her first memory is of a cat, and she’s had cats all her life. Now that’s on her own, she also has two dogs.

She’s been working at Cat’s Pajamas for several months and applied for this position out of a love for cats. While caring for cats comes natural to her, she has learned about new medications on her job. She observed that cats don’t like change and are very fond of routine. For that reason, cat owners often worry about boarding their cats. “We try to make them very comfortable and cats often end up not wanting to leave.”

Many cat owners use Cat’s Pajamas when going on vacation, working long hours, being sick, or when their homes are undergoing renovation. If you decide to board your cat with them, call ahead to schedule an appointment. Should you need transportation, Cat’s Pajamas will provide transportation through Pause for Paws. Current vaccinations are required, and a health check will be conducted before a new boarder is admitted.

When we need someone to look after our pets, there are multiple options. We can leave our pets at home and ask friends and family to stop in to feed them and clean their litter boxes. We can board them at a vet or a pet boarding service. But if you have cats, and you want to spoil them, you should consider Cat’s Pajamas.

As noted at the start, LAA Pet Talk is doing a series about local pet services. If you run a pet business and are interested in being featured, please let us know in the comments. We’ll follow up with a tour and an interview. Thanks to Cat’s Pajamas for permission to use photos from its website.


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