SitStay: Your Next Shopping Stop!

SitStay just might become a regular shopping stop for my husband and me. We’ve not only enjoyed its inviting atmosphere, but we’ve discovered unique treats there for our pets. In addition, we appreciate that SitStay supports local animal welfare groups.

jill-liliedahlThe retailer actually started about twenty years ago as one of the first online sites for dog supplies. Then in 2010 the Lincoln-based company decided to open its first storefront. From the start, explained current CEO, Jill Liliedahl, SitStay decided to focus on high quality products. Not only is everything tested by SitStay, but almost all of SitStay’s products are made right here in the United States. The only exceptions are items for which a particular country is well-known such as fish products from Iceland. These guidelines help SitStay ensure that everything it sells is safe and of high quality, a philosophy which the company considers especially important in light of the numerous recent recalls of products from outside America. SitStay also considers the needs of dogs with allergies, offering grain-free foods and single-ingredient treats.

sitstay_aisleBeing a cat lover, I inquired as to whether SitStay would ever sell non-dog products. At one time Sitstay did actually cater to a variety of pets, but then realized they were spreading themselves too thin. They decided to focus on dogs. In particular, they have a history of working with service and therapy dogs. One customer came into the store to buy a diabetic awareness patch for her new service dog. The dog was proving to be invaluable to the woman, who had been diabetic for twenty-five years, by alerting her to impending low-blood sugar and seizures. SitStay has also helped parents of children with diabetes. Schools often don’t know how to deal with the needs of children with service dogs, and SitStay acquaints these families with the American Disabilities Act and other relevant resources.

sitstay_dogPrior to establishing a storefront in Lincoln, SitStay had developed close relationships with local animal welfare groups. One of these groups is Domesti-PUPS, a service dog organization. SitStay employees have donated items to Domesti-PUPS and recently were invited to attend a Domesti-PUPS’ graduation. SitStay also works with other animal welfare groups, including Lincoln Animal Ambassadors. Later in October, SitStay will sponsor a Howl-A-Ween costume contest. To enter, bring a donation for LAA’s pet food bank, along with your pet donned in its most creative costume. Prizes will be awarded! The store’s employees also love to promote adoptable dogs and will be doing a meet-and-greet with The Star Project on November 26 for Small Business Saturday.

SitStay has a comfortable atmosphere. Displayed on the walls are framed photos of personable dogs, while on the floor there’s a hefty plush service dog. Above the well-stocked shelves are bone-shaped signs with identifying labels written in colored chalk. From the wide variety of treats, foods, toys, and supplies, we purchased a popular beef tripe-treat, beef snout, venison and chicken jerky, and dried cod skins. SitStay is located at 4747 Pioneers Boulevard and encourages owners to bring their dogs. Make it one of your next shopping stops!


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