Happy Mew Year!

Last year at LAA Pet Talk, we posted a round-up of pet calendar dates every few weeks. This year we plan to continue the practice with minor modifications: We’ll dedicate a separate post to each date, add dates for animals other than just dogs and cats, and try to be more timely in letting you know of an upcoming date. None of these pet calendar dates will earn you time off from work, but each will bring awareness to animal welfare, highlight a specific pet care concern, or simply inspire a celebration of animals.

JANUARY 2: Happy Mew Year

Happy Mew Day, image copyright Wikipedia
Happy Mew Day, image copyright Wikipedia

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day was created by Ruth and Tom Roy. The two host a website called Well Cat where they celebrate quirky holidays.

In case your cat hasn’t heard of this special day, you might want to tell him about it. Then he can get started on his own resolutions! Maybe this is the year your cat can start giving you attention, embracing the presence of dogs, and/or learning new tricks.

Alternatively, you can celebrate the day for your cat. You might pamper her with some fancy cat food, keep her cozy with warm winter wear or a thermal blanket, or take her on a new adventure.

Happy Mew Year is also a great time to promote awareness of cat issues. Use your personal experience to write an article about how cats have changed your life, share photos of shelter cats on your Facebook site, or even welcome a new cat into your home.

I’m not sure why the Roys chose to dedicate a day to just cats and not include dogs too. Perhaps it was because Mew and Year sound so well together. Even so, I think the day could easily be called Happy Ruff Day, and honor all things dogs too.

Whatever you and your pet do on Mew Year Day, we’d love to hear about your experiences here at LAA Pet Talk. If you have an idea for a pet-related article (and, better yet, can write it!), drop us a line too.


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