January 24: Change a Pet’s Life Day

Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24 was created by Hill’s Pet Nutrition to draw attention to the plight of animal homelessness and to encourage pet adoption. It’s also a day when many shelters and humane societies reduce adoption fees and offer special incentives.

In 2015, 1-800-PetMeds Cares held the first Change a Pet’s Life Contest to help several animals homeless get needed medical treatment. A middle-aged pug named Gorilla received $2,000 towards the medical treatment he needed, and he has since been adopted. The contest continued in 2016, when three adoptable dogs received grants for medical care. The 2017 contest is taking place now. Voting closes January 24!


How can you celebrate this special calendar day? Dog Time offers these suggestions:

  1. Adopt/Foster a homeless animal
  2. Sponsor a homeless animal
  3. Volunteer time at a shelter or rescue
  4. Donate to a shelter or rescue
  5. Spread the word about adoptable animals
  6. Raise awareness for homeless animals
  7. Tell your pet’s story
  8. Make positive changes for your pet

Consider this thought-provoking article: Celebrating National Change a Pet’s Life Day. The author talks about the misconception that adoption is the only way to help homeless animals, then suggests other ways to make an impact. The post caught my attention because, through blogging I’ve taken a non-traditional route to helping homeless animals. Inspired by that article, I even wrote a series about volunteers who are helping animals in both conventional and unconventional ways.

What are you doing to change a pet’s life? Share your story here at LAA Pet Talk!


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