Guest Post: Guinea Pig Playtime!

Can your guinea pig not get rid of that annoying piggie chow belly? Is your guinea pig planted in front of the television all day? Call 1-800-MOVEIT today and receive a free totebag, a value worth $19.95!  You can either buy into that ridiculous infomercial or take a few minutes and read this article, at no charge!

Bumblebee, Photo by Allison
Bumblebee, Photo by Allison

Does your guinea pig have toys? I hope your guinea pig has toys! If your guinea pig doesn’t have toys, go into your bathroom, take all of the toilet paper off of the roll and give your guinea pig the roll. Did your guinea pig grab the roll and start playing with it? Our guinea pigs used to take their rolls and use them as if they were in a light saber battle. Once we put a cardboard egg carton in the middle of their cage and the carton was destroyed! It’s the little things that make guinea pigs so happy!

Here is a list of toys your guinea pigs may like:

  • Wooden alphabet blocks
  • Tissue boxes stuffed with Timothy Hay
  • Tunnels made of PVC pipes
  • Wiffle balls
  • Fiddlesticks

Pinterest has really great ideas that you can use to exercise and entertain your guinea pig and most of the items you have in your home. Guinea pigs like toys they can move around; that’s what keeps those piggie bellies in shape!  In our guinea pigs cage, we had a toy that was composed of chew blocks that hung in the cage.  In the middle of the night we would hear, ding…ding…ding, they loved to stretch up to the toy and ring that bell!
Every day at least once, our guinea pigs were scooped out of their cage by our giant hands and let loose into the jungle of carpet and unexplored territory known as our apartment. Most of the time we had our piggies in a little playpen so they couldn’t get into trouble. If you let your piggies completely loose, make sure to watch them closely! Unsupervised guinea pigs can get into a lot of trouble when left alone near wires and cords. Our guinea pigs moved fast and furiously if they were left in the wild wilderness of the apartment, the first thing Rocco did was take a potty break behind the couch. If you’re going to let your guinea pigs out without them being in a playpen, shut the doors in the room and get on the floor and become part of the guinea pig pack.

In conclusion, your guinea pig requires an active lifestyle to be healthy, but also happy.  You now have ideas for playtime that do not require a ton of money, but will keep your guinea pigs happy and adorable.


Written by Nikki Harbeston, Creative Stuff, for LAA Pet Talk. She resides in South Carolina with her husband and dog. Her blog features Diary of a Chubby Piggie and Into the Journey of Dog. Copyright August 2013-March 2014.

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