Guest Post: How To Tell If Your Dog Is Depressed

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Depressed

Reprinted with permission from Rebecca Sanchez, Mattie Dog. This article is original in content and not to be reproduced elsewhere in any form. Copyright February 19, 2017.

Doesn’t it seem that dogs are always happy? It certainly seems as though they are the poster child for happiness. Their little smiling faces always looking up at you. Of course I know that dogs can get cranky… Once, when we went on an 18-day camping trip, after we returned home and went to work the next day Mattie was so frustrated by not being with us (or perhaps in our camper) that he tore apart all of the toilet paper in our bathrooms. Cranky with a capital C! But I didn’t know that dogs could get depressed until a few years ago.

Our Dog Depression Story

I had heard that pets can get upset when another pet passes. We’d had dogs pass prior, with other dogs in the house. While there were speckles of confusion, akin to “where is Fido” moments, none of our dogs appeared to be too sad when one of their pack died…I think dogs have a better comprehension of the cycle of life. Until Spike and Kiki. Kiki, our only black and white Shih Tzu, and Spike, our little 4 pound Chihuahua, were bonded. Like a mother and child bond. Kiki was 6 years older than Spike, and when we got him as a pup, Spike fell in love with Kiki and she with him. At 12 Kiki developed cancer and, after a very brief battle, passed – her pain was clear, she wouldn’t eat and just wanted to be cuddled. I was worried about Spike and completely unprepared for what happened after Kiki’s passing. Spike wouldn’t eat, he would shiver, his eyes were always wet, dripping wet, and he developed diarrhea. This went on for days and I became so concerned that I took Spike to the vet where he received IV fluids for dehydration. There was no ignoring the fact that our little Spike was heartbroken, he was sick from losing his best friend. Our dog was depressed.

To find out more on how to tell if your dog is depressed and what to do, check out the rest of Rebecca Sanchez’s article by following this link: How to Tell if Your Dog is Depressed.

Rebecca Sanchez lives in Seattle with her three dogs and is a published author, and nationally recognized leader in exploring the human-animal bond. Known as The Pet Lifestyle Guru™ Rebecca firmly believes “We need animals as much as they need us!” To showcase her love of all things dog, Rebecca is the founder, chief creative officer, and brilliant mind behind the award-winning, social media star MattieDog, who happens to be ‘A Little Dog Making A Big Impact In This World!’ See more at



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