July 11: National Pet Photo Day

Copyright free image from Pexels
Stock photo,  Pexels

No one knows who created National Pet Photo Day or even much about it except that July 11th has been set aside to get special pictures of your pets. Whether you take candid or posed shots of your pets, photograph pets at home or bring them to a park, or allow pets to stay casual or force them to dress up, be sure your camera is fully charged. Pictures can be put into a photo album, on the refrigerator, framed to sit on your work desk, or posted on the Internet.

Looking for tips of how to take the best pet photos? For dogs, Bark Post recommends:

  • Get your dog’s attention. Use treats if needed.
  • Get your dog to smile. To do this, play with your dog before settling into a photo shoot.
  • Vary your perspective. Get on your dog’s level and take pictures from different angles.

Read the full article at: 13 Tips for Taking the Greatest Pics of Your Dogs

For cats, Catster recommends:

  • Set up activities you know your cat can’t resist.
  • Catch them in a relaxed mood.They’ll feel safe and secure enough to let you close for some candid photos.
  • Get on your cat’s level. Your cat might feel less distracted if you sit on their level rather than hover over them, and so just might get comfortable with you taking their photo.

Read the full article at: Take Great Cat Photos

If you’d like to enter a pet photo contest, an event is being held in honor of Pet Photo Day on Facebook. Should you miss it, there are plenty of contests, the most recognized perhaps being The Page-A-Day Weekly Contest. You could also just post photos on the social media of your choice using #AllAmericanPetPhotoDay or below in the comments.

What are you waiting for? Get out your camera and snap away!


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