40 Ways to Help Our Animal Welfare Village and Counting

In my three years as a blogger for Lincoln Animal Ambassadors, I’ve been privileged to meet many people involved in animal welfare. Some are paid, others are not; some belong to a group, others work on their own; some perform many functions, others specialize. What they all share is a passion to end animal homelessness and to never see another animal suffer from abandonment, neglect, or abuse. In this final article for my “Animal Welfare Takes a Village” series, I’ve compiled a list of all the ways that people can contribute to the field of animal welfare, and for each I’ve linked to articles I’ve written here about people who have contributed in that way. No one person or group can support animal welfare in every way. It takes a village to provide such comprehensive support.

  1. Adopt
  1. Adapt/Assist
  1. Advise/Counsel
  1. Advocate
  1. Board/Pet Sit
  1. Bond
  1. Build
  1. Draw/Paint
  1. Coordinate
  1. Counsel
  1. Counsel
  1. Educate
  1. Employ
  1. Enrich
  1. Exercise
  1. Feed
  1. Fundraise
  1. Groom
  1. Heal
  1. Honor
  1. Inform
  1. Network
  1. Nurse
  1. Observe
  1. Parent
  1. Partner
  1. Petition
  1. Photograph
  1. Protect
  1. Publicize
  1. Serve
  1. Rescue
  1. Shelter
  1. Spay/Neuter
  1. Study
  1. Transport
  1. Train
  1. Trap-Neuter-Release
  1. Volunteer
  1. Write

Just because I’ve listed 40 ways to support animal welfare, that doesn’t mean that’s all there are. Many of the ways listed didn’t exist until someone decided to do them. There may also be more that I haven’t encountered or haven’t thought of. You may have noticed too that some of the ways of supporting animal welfare don’t have any articles. Our village is growing, as is my familiarity with it. As I meet more people, my goal will be to fill in those gaps. If you know something I’ve missed, and particularly if you support animal welfare in a way that I haven’t listed, please drop me a note. Let’s keep adding to our village list!



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