September 22: Puppy Mill Awareness Day


The goal behind Puppy Mill Awareness Day is to draw attention to the poor conditions found at many commercial breeding facilities: overcrowded kennels, inadequate supply of clean water and healthy food, and the lack of veterinarian care. On the Puppy Mill Awareness Day site, you can find a list of ways to help animals in this condition including:

  1. Educate family and friends by informing them that adoption is a better option than buying a pet from a store.
  2. Hold a fund-raiser to contribute towards the medical bills of puppy mill rescues.
  3. Donate regularly-needed pet supplies, such as blankets, towels, food, and treats, to groups such as Hearts United for Animals that specializes in rescuing puppy mills dogs.
  4. Get involved at a local shelter or rescue.

For more local information, read these two articles:


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