Dear Miss Behavior: My Dog Steals the Cat’s Food


Dear Miss Behavior: Little Ralphy steals the cat’s food. I scold him, I’ve even stuck his nose in it, but he keeps doing it. Now my vet says he’s over weight. I love our cat and don’t want to get rid of her. What can I do?

missbehaviorCat food is delish. Lucky for you Ralphy hasn’t learned to love the other kind of kitty crunchies!

My cat friends don’t share. They love their food and eat it all, but I’ve heard some cats aren’t like that.

This is a case where Ralphy’s instinct is to eat all the food available to him; it’s his nature. There’s no need to get rid of the cat, but you’re going to need to put Ralphy on a diet, and re-locate the cat’s food. Since cats love climbing up on things find a shelf or counter, where the cat can reach the food, but he can’t. Another option would be to choose a room to feed the cat in and put up a baby gate in the doorway to keep Ralphy out.

There are all sorts of traps you can lay for Ralphy, mouse traps under newspaper, stacked tin cans (empty to make noise). The problem is the cat can trigger them instead of the dog. You don’t want to punish your feline friend for trying to eat. It’s better to just take temptation out of Ralphy’s way and everyone will be much happier.

marcygraybillThanks to this feature goes to Greater Lincoln Obedience Club, who ran the Miss Behavior Dog Advice Column in their newsletter. Appreciation also is extended to Marcy Graybill, a trainer at GLOC and the expert behind this column. She also hosts her own blog, Dog Log, where she talks about training adventures with her dogs.


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