Guest Post: The Community Cats at LAA’s Pet Food Bank by Blake Gilmore

When Lincoln Animal Ambassadors moved into its Pet Food Bank location on Knox Street in 2016, we were sad to see the neighborhood was also home to at least one colony of feral cats with some very young kittens. Mama was not tame, but was willing to accept some food. Over the last few months, the kittens
have grown up and have learned to trust people. Ron, our resolute warehouse manager, has worked with a resident of the surrounding complex to keep the local cats from starving.

Fast forward a few months and we finally felt like one of the kittens was now somewhat tame and would let us catch her and get her spayed. We finally caught Callie in late spring and estimated her at
approximately nine months old. Keep in mind that Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is not a rescue organization and does not typically rescue any animals directly. However, we thought it important to help in the neighborhood we called home. It also helped that we knew she had a home after she was
spayed; a Lincoln Animal Ambassadors volunteer had agreed to take her in.

The first order of business with Callie was getting her in to see Dr. Otto for a checkup. She was in good health after some basic preventative care. Unfortunately, we were also too late as she was also already pregnant! This unfortunate turn of events meant delaying her spay procedure and having a few extra kittens to care for. Ron and Donna, our volunteer coordinator, stepped in to care for her while
she was pregnant, and gave her kittens a good start on life. Callie must have sensed the excitement of Wine & Howl because she gave birth the day after to three adorable kittens. These three were fostered through Revolution Rescue by Lincoln Animal Ambassadors volunteers until old enough to be spayed/ neutered. Homes were also quickly found!

Callie’s story has a happy ending. Unfortunately, there are a few cats left in the neighborhood who can’t be tamed. Because Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is not a direct rescue organization and do not have the proper licenses, we are working with animal control and local rescue groups to insure the well-being
of the cats we have left behind in the neighborhood. These colonies can be very successful when all of the cats have been spayed or neutered—Trapped, Neutered, and Returned—but can also be expensive! That is where we need your help! Make a donation to “Callie’s Colony” to help us leave a lasting legacy in the community and save these cats from a terrible fate too.

Reprinted with permission from Lincoln Animal Ambassadors Summer Newsletter. This article is original in content and not to be reproduced without permission. Copyright 2017.


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