October 29: National Cat Day

nationalcatdayCat lovers of the world, unite! National Cat Day, held annually on October 29, was created in 2005 to pay tribute to our wonderful feline companions. It’s also intended to draw attention to the plight of over 2 million homeless cats that are euthanized every year. Shortly after Colleen Paige created National Cat Day, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals embraced it for the above reasons and to highlight also the growing problem of and possible solutions to feral cat colonies.

All year long, the large group of organizers behind National Cat Day dedicate their energies to educating the public about the wonders of cats. They encourage all of us cat owners to go crazy on October 29 about spoiling our beloved companions. We could offer them extra treats and sprinkle cat nip on their beds. We could also splurge on some new toys and use them to wake up our sleepy friends. If they refuse to be disturbed, we could simply spend the day watching cat videos!  If you can afford it , the Internet Cat Video Festival, launched in 2012 and held this year in Boston, is a live showing of a collection of about 100 cat clips. Alternatively, and this would be more up my alley, you could lounge about reading cat books. Whatever your tastes, find a way on October 29 to honor the most popular house pet in the United States.

All year long, National Cat Day organizers regularly dedicate their efforts to helping homeless cats find forever homes. To help with this goal, they encourage cat lovers to make a donation to local shelters. Monetary donations are certainly welcome, but shelters also often have a wish list of supplies. Food and blankets are commonly requested items. Alternatively, if you can spare the room, you could foster or adopt a cat. They’re typically plenty of kittens available, or you could adopt an older cat. Senior felines might not be the prettiest or most active, but they can make for adoring and loving partners. Finally, you could volunteer to help with a Trap-Neuter-Release program through The Cat HouseHusker Cats, or Joining Forces Saving Lives. These programs help to slowly reduce the number of homeless cats while still letting them live full lives.

There are so many reasons to honor our feline friends. From early days to now, domesticated cats have been responsible for keeping homes free of mice and other rodents. They also offer unconditional love, lots of laughs, and great companionship. Just like dogs, they can lower blood pressure and perform heroic deeds. So, before October ends, kick back your feet and raise a glass of milk to your cat.


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