November 1: National Cook For Your Pets Day encourages pet owners to use National Cook for Your Pets Day as an opportunity to learn how to prepare homemade meals for pets. After all, when you as the owner are in charge of making the food, then you as the owner can ensure carbohydrates, additives, and preservatives are avoided. In addition, you can ensure that you pick the right amount and types of meats and vegetables to include.

Designed with owners of dogs in mind, suggests that an ordinary bowl of cooked chicken, vegetables and rice, perhaps with a little gravy, would make a good start for novice cooks. Furthermore, the site notes that if you add fresh fruit and vegetable snacks, feeding home-cooked food to your dog might seem like a doable venture. However, Cookforyourpets does caution to introduce new foods gradually and to avoid seasonings. Also, you should always check with a vet before dramatically changing your dog’s diet.

If you decide after November 1 to continue to experiment with your dog’s menu, be sure that your meals contain the right nutritional balance and don’t include any harmful ingredients. See LAA’s article on What Should You Feed Dogs? for further information. If you have a cat you must keep in mind that they have high carnivore needs and if you have guinea pigs you must keep in mind that they have strict herbivore needs. To find out more, read What Should Your Feed Cats and What Should You Feed Guinea Pigs. After that, the internet offers many recipes to try. Just keep in mind these 14 Foods NOT to Give Your Pets.

Our pets give us so much, and would probably appreciate a home-cooked meal as much as we do, and so I can see the attraction of this day. For the record though, I’ve never been a terribly ambitious about cooking for our pets. When my guinea pigs became seniors, I did attempt baking some treats for them. They promptly trampled over them without actually eating them. Should you decide to pursue your own culinary adventures, I’d love to hear what you come up with.


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