Guest Post: 10 Reasons To Adopt A Cat

Written by Daniel Richardson for LAA Pet Talk. Tuxedo Cat is run by Whisky with assistance from Dan. Whisky was born in August 2014 and was adopted from the cat rescue home 6 months later. Whisky is the brains behind Tuxedo Cat. She hopes to educate and inform people about how great Tuxedo Cats are while hopefully having some fun along the way too! Dan keeps things ticking, answering emails on behalf of Whisky, scheduling social media posts, replying to comments, sorting mail, and occasionally writing for the site too. 

Not so long ago (well roughly 5,000 years ago) what we now call domestic cats were pretty much exclusively wild animals, undomesticated animals that roamed the outdoors hunting to survive.

The Egyptians led the charge in the domestication of cats. Many cats were kept to keep the rodent population down. Of course, it’s well-documented that the Egyptians considered cats to be sacred. You only have to see the famous Sphinx to begin to understand something of their love for the cat!

Unfortunately, the world has changed a lot since the times of the ancient Egyptians and this hasn’t played too well into the paws of many cats. While a large number of cats do live very happy lives in comfortable homes where they are well-cared for, but a cat overpopulation crisis exists. There are literally thousands of more cats than there are people or shelters to take care of them. In addition, there are an alarmingly large number of community cats worldwide.

How You Can Help

If you’re a cat lover, you’re no doubt worried about the number of stray cats. Happily, there are things you can do.

  1. If you find a cat which you suspect may be a stray the first thing you should do is tag it. You can do this by simply attaching a paper collar to the cat with a message on asking the cat’s owner to contact you if the cat is theirs.
  2. If you don’t get a response and the cat returns, you should report the cat to your nearest lost pets organization and/or rescue. They may be aware of any cats which have gone missing.
  3. If the cat will allow you to get close enough, you should next take the cat to your local vet and check them for a microchip.
  4. If none of the above yields results, the cat should be re-homed by you or a rescue.
  5. Most important, whoever decides to take responsibility for the cat from this point onward must ensure that the cat is spayed or neutered. This will help minimize the growth of the stray cat population.

Why You Should Adopt a Cat

Adoption is important for cats as it minimizes the dangers to their life and helps deal with the growing stray cat population.

There are also tons of fun reasons why owning a cat will also enhance your own life. We’ve put together the cat adoption infographic, by tuxedo cat, to show those reasons.



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