Pet Video Training Library: Teach A Cat To “Come”

Welcome to Lincoln Animal Ambassador’s pet video training library! Each month, we’ll post a video that teaches you to train your cat to perform a particular skill. Although cats and dogs do learn differently, most of the time these lessons can also be used to train a dog. After watching this video, if you need more help, please email us  at: allisontalkspetsATgmailDOTcom. (Replace the “AT” with “@”, and replace the “DOT” with a period.)

“Come” is the one command that could save your pet’s life. Here’s how to teach it.


  1. Sit near your pet.
  2. Show her a treat.
  3. When she focuses on the treat, praise her.
  4. Wait for her to touch the treat. As soon as this happens, reward her with the treat.


  1. Step back a foot and present the treat again.
  2. Put the target under your pet’s nose.
  3. While saying her name, and issuing the command “come,” draw her closer by drawing the treat closer.
  4. When your pet comes to you, reward her.


  1. Each time you repeat this exercise, increase the distance by a foot.
  2. If at any point your pet stops coming to you, close the gap until she comes successfully before you widen the gap again.
  3. Keep training sessions short, and spend no more than a few minutes on each command.

Thanks to Andy Frederick for his assistance in shooting and editing this video.


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