National Pet Health and Safety Coach Arden Moore Coming to Lincoln!

Celebrate Pet First Aid Awareness Month by learning how to save your pet! Sadie Dog Fund will bring National Pet Health and Safety Coach Arden Moore to Lincoln this upcoming April 20-22. On April 21-22 Arden Moore will hold Pet First Aid classes and on April 20 she’ll hold a Pet Behavior Talk.

ALLISON: Why is it important to know pet first aid?

PAM: Knowing pet first aid may empower pet lovers with knowledge to save their pet’s life in emergency situations before getting them to a veterinarian.

ALLISON: Who is Arden Moore? What qualifies her to teach a Pet First Aid class?

PAM: Arden Moore is a master pet CPR/pet first aid instructor and dog/cat behavior consultant. She’s also a radio show host, author, professional speaker, editor, and media consultant.

ALLISON: What can participants expect to learn at this class? Are there any special perks?

PAM: Participants will learn choking management, rescue breathing, three different CPR techniques, bleeding protocols, heat and cold related injuries, and snout -to-tail wellness and injury assessment. They’ll also learn money-saving preventive care and discover surprising items that should be included in a pet first aid kit. At the end of the class, they’ll receive a two-year certification in pet first aid.

ALLISON: Are there any special perks?

PAM: Participants will be able to practice their skills on a live cat and dog. Arden brings her safety dog Kona and safety cat Casey to assist in her classes.

ALLISON: What gave you the idea to bring Arden Moore to Lincoln?

PAM: After listening to Arden Moore as a guest on Cathy Blythe’s Problem and Solutions KFOR radio show, I decided it’d be a great idea to bring her to Lincoln for all pet lovers and care givers as well as myself.

ALLISON: Why is the event important to Sadie Dog Fund?

PAM: Sadie Dog Fund is all about saving dogs’ lives. To help people learn to save their own pet’s life goes hand in paw with what we believe in. Bringing Arden Moore to Lincoln, NE is a way to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We want to thank our many supporters by giving them this amazing opportunity with Arden.

ALLISON: How were you able to arrange this event? Were there challenges?

PAM: I contacted Arden Moore by email in the summer of 2017. We then spoke by phone and began making plans for her to come to Lincoln in April of 2018.

There are always challenges in planning an event like this. Getting the word out to the public so enough people would register for Arden’s classes was a big one. We can thank Cathy Blythe and KFOR for helping us with media coverage. Collette Schwindt graciously offered the Woodmen Life Fraternal Chapter 264 building as our venue. Ty Wright at The Residence Inn South Lincoln gave us wonderful accommodations pricing for Arden Moore, her cat Casey and her dog Kona.  Many friends and animal advocate groups such as LAA have helped us spread the word about our Arden Moore event.

ALLISON: Will Sadie Dog Fund benefit from Arden Moore’s classes?

PAM: Sadie Dog Fund will benefit from the entrance fee of $10 to Arden Moore’s Pet Behavior Talk on Friday, April 20th.

ALLISON: Why is it important to learn about dog and cat behavior?

PAM: Wouldn’t we all like to know what our cats and dogs are thinking?  We could help make their lives better and safer and maybe less frustrating if we did.

ALLISON: What can participants expect to learn at the Friday Behavior Talk?

PAM: Arden Moore will unleash her sage advice, spiced with humor, to help us understand why our cats and dogs do what they do at the Friday Pet Behavior Talk.  Safety Cat Casey and Safety Dog Kona will be there to assist.

ALLISON: Anything else readers should know?

PAM: There will be prizes and refreshments at the Behavior Talk and both first aid classes.

All events will be held at Woodmen Life Fraternal Chapter 264 building, 7011 Webster, Lincoln.

Please email if you plan to attend the Friday Pet Behavior Talk. The Pet Behavior Talk begins at 6:30.

We still have room for 2 more Saturday class (9-1:30) registrations and 5 more Sunday class (1-5:30) registrations. Register at


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