Guest Post: When a cat is found, but no owners are

Photo provided by Community Cat Coalition
Photo provided by Community Cat Coalition

Two months ago, Carissa noticed an emaciated cat sneaking food and water from her back porch. She could tell by the lack of reaction from her cats and dog that this waif had been here before. If she had been eating here a while, how thin HAD she been? Sometimes it is hard to see evidence of starvation in a fluffy cat, but this visitor was missing much of her hair on her hind quarters making every backbone show.

Carissa’s friend Del, posted her on a lost cat Facebook site and several cat lovers jumped in to help. One of those cat lovers was Melissa. Often times, the one thing that prevents a rescue from being possible is the absence of a foster home. It is easy to commit a few hours to trapping a cat and solutions for vet care can be found, but where do you put a rescued cat? Who will house and feed and love the cat while a permanent placement is found? Melissa stepped up to the plate and offered to foster her.

A few hours later, Jenny brought out a humane trap to catch her because she was too skittish for Carissa to touch or get in a carrier. Hunger made her go in the trap almost immediately and when Jenny picked it up, it was so light, she could hardly believe there was a cat inside. Lifting the towels, she could see there definitely was a cat inside, just a tiny slip of a cat who had obviously gone without food for a long time. She drove her to another CCC volunteer’s home where she was scanned for a microchip, vaccinated and treated for parasites.

Photo provided by Community Cat Coalition
Photo provided by Community Cat Coalition

From there she went to Melissa’s home where she was given the time to get healthy and her owner was given the time to find her. But weeks passed and nobody called on her “Cat Found” posts and “Nala” didn’t show up in any lost cat posts. Finally, there was a call. Jon had lost his tortoiseshell from a distance away, but drove down anyway hoping it was his missing kitty “Ivy.” This beautiful tortoiseshell was not his Ivy, but he said he might want to give Nala a home. He went home to think about it. And a couple of weeks later, Nala went to live with Jon. We think she looks pretty satisfied in her new home!

For some people the best way to honor the memory of a loved cat, is to allow another to fill that void. And nothing fills that void better than a cat who needs you. If you’ve lost a beloved cat, think of all the lessons that cat taught you about love and joy and friendship and pass that legacy on to a new kitty. When you are ready, there is one out there waiting just for you.

Reprinted with permission from Nancy Wahl, Community Cats Coalition. This article is original in content and not to be reproduced. Copyright August 28, 2015.

The mission of Community Cats Coalition, located in the Pacific Northwest, is to enhance the lives of community cats by promoting spay and neuter and providing training and mentorship in Trap-Neuter-Return. Education is their number one goal and to that end it publishes a variety of posts on Facebook related to community cats. A Best of Facebook can be found at the CCC website.


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