Guest Post: A Lost Blind Cat is Found!

She’s blind and she’s lost outside. Is there hope?

Photo provided by Community Cat Coalition
Photo provided by Community Cat Coalition

Buggie is a beautiful little ticked tabby cat who slowly lost her vision, and a year ago had to have both eyes removed for a chronic eye condition. She lives with her mom and dad, the dogs, and a bottle baby she helped raise in a very small home. Like most blind cats, she has adapted well to her environment and knows

Photo provided by Community Cat Coalition
Photo provided by Community Cat Coalition

her surroundings but, obviously, she does not go outside.

So it was with a sense of horror that Bruce and Karen realized she somehow slipped outside without them knowing it! Buggie is very social with her humans, loves her baby Ebony, and the family dogs, but now she was outside in total foreign territory.

What would YOU do? Obviously, Bruce and Karen looked for her, called for her, searched the immediate area. They went on to post her story on the Lost Cats of Snohomish County site and ask for help. They got advice and followed so many tips: Put out items that smell like home, traps with stinky food, cat litter, talk to neighbors, post/pass out flyers, place a baby monitor outside to watch the area and be able to talk from inside!

A week passed; the next step was hiring a pet detective. Because money was tight they had to sell personal items first. Happily, before that step was taken, Buggie came home!

What was the trick that worked? Karen credits the idea given to her of recording the crying sounds of the kitten she loves with bringing Buggie home. “I know that’s what brought Buggie home,” Karen said. “She HATES it when Ebony cries!” By recording that cry and having it play outside, in the area with all the familiar smells and other sounds, Buggie was drawn back to her home.

But no one trick can be counted on to work. It’s perseverance and the willingness to keep trying that brought Buggie home. Our thanks to Karen and Bruce for not giving up!

Please remember, if you’ve a lost cat, take action immediately. Get a trap asap because that is your best chance of a fast recovery. (There are traps available for loan from many shelters and rescues. The majority do NOT charge a fee, but will simply ask for a refundable deposit) Talk to ALL the people in the neighborhood. Make a flyer and take door to door, because handing out flyersis much more effective than posting on a pole–but do that too! The most critical part is don’t give up.

Welcome home, Buggie! You made our day.

Reprinted with permission from Nancy Wahl, Community Cats Coalition. This article is original in content and not to be reproduced. Copyright March 11, 2015.

The mission of Community Cats Coalition, located in the Pacific Northwest, is to enhance the lives of community cats by promoting spay and neuter and providing training and mentorship in Trap-Neuter-Return. Education is their number one goal and to that end it publishes a variety of posts on Facebook related to community cats. A Best of Facebook can be found at the CCC website.


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