Guest Post: Guinea Pigs and Other Pets

Fruity & Pudding, Photo by Allison
Fruity & Pudding, Photo by Allison

Every living creature at some point in their lives like to have their own space, but in a world with billions of creatures it’s sometimes a little difficult to achieve it. When introducing a guinea pig to your home, you need to consider if you have space enough for it and also how your other pets will react.

When bringing a guinea pig into your house, I recommend buying a large home for each pet (something in the range of $200,000.00!) with lots of yard space to be free in. In all seriousness, I encourage you that whether you have one or more than one guinea pig that you provide them with a big cage. These little fur balls love to run around and need an area to do their morning yoga. Cage space for one guinea pig alone should have at least seven square feet of space, each additional guinea pig should have two to four additional square feet of space. For more information on guinea pig housing, check out info at Guinea Lynx.

Bumblebee & Lucy, Photo by Allison
Bumblebee & Lucy, Photo by Allison

There are other considerations to make too. For example, do you have a place in your home for your guinea pig to live in safely? Your cat may be curious and check out your guinea pig. If you have a cat, make sure the guinea pig(s) cage is not accessible by any means. Dogs can be quite rambunctious and loud. If you have a dog, make sure the cage is in a place where the barking won’t scare your guinea pig(s). Whether you have a cat or dog, they may want to play with your guinea pig and accidentally hurt it. They might also view your guinea pig as prey to eat. In a nutshell, if you have other pets, keep your guinea pig(s) in a safe place so they can enjoy being a guinea pig.

When you bring your guinea pig(s) home, your other pets are going to either be curious, afraid, or not care about it. Do you have a plan of introducing your new guinea pig(s) to your current pets? I don’t recommend bringing your guinea pig(s) and other pets face to face for a while; it can either go well or be a disaster.

Bumblebee & Barnaby, Photo by Allison
Bumblebee & Barnaby, Photo by Allison

Give all of your pets a while to get used to each other, then introduce them from far away. Perhaps, bring your other pets into the area your guinea pig(s) are residing in, but from a distance! Please don’t put your pet(s) right up to the cage; it’ll frighten the guinea pig(s) and possibly your other pet(s).

If your take your time and properly introduce your pets, chances are the introductions will go well and there will be nothing to worry about. The important part is, to make sure that you stay calm and the animals may stay calm as well! For more info on guinea pig introductions, check out Pawsperous Pets.

Finally, when thinking of incorporating guinea pigs into your home with multiple pets, check to see if you have the space. If you live in an apartment, you may only be able to keep two pets at a time or your lease may include no “exotic animals.”

Multiple pets in a home can be a wonderful experience! Guinea pigs love to be social and can get along with all kinds of animals. Just make sure you do your research before thinking of adopting a guinea pig or two. Guinea pigs deserve a safe and loving home too.


Written by Nikki Harbeston, Creative Stuff, for LAA Pet Talk. She resides in South Carolina with her husband and dog. Her blog features Diary of a Chubby Piggie and Into the Journey of Dog. Copyright August 2013-March 2014.

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