Guest Post: 10 Birthday Celebration Ideas For Guinea Pigs

Happy birthday to all guinea pigs celebrating turning another year older! If it’s your guinea pig’s birthday, throw a confetti shower of parsley over it and sing “Happy Birthday” to your little pal. Here are ten ideas to help you get started in planning a birthday party.

A birthday cake is a must! Purchase a red, green, orange or yellow pepper. Hollow it out by getting the excess seeds out of the inside and cutting the top off. Stuff the pepper with only guinea pig friendly fruits and veggies, then stick a baby carrot on top like you would a birthday candle. Credit for this idea goes to Percy’s Mom from Guinea Pig Cages.

Buy your guinea pig a present! It’s your guinea pig’s birthday, it must have a present. No present is too big or too small; your guinea pig will appreciate the present. If you’re on a tight budget, wrap a toy your guinea pig already has in newspaper or a paper bag; your guinea pig will be in awe over its “new” toy…. Munch munch, crunch, chutt, chutt…

Throw your guinea pig a birthday party! Invite all of your friends and family, along with your guinea pig’s friends to celebrate your guinea pig’s special day. Decorate your home and your guinea pig’s home with streamers, banners, and low hanging oranges for the guinea pigs to nibble on.

Fruity's Birthday, Photo by Allison
Fruity’s Birthday, Photo by Allison

Create a piñata! Fill the piñata with all kinds of fruits or veggies that are approved for guinea pig consumption. I suggest making the piñata from a tissue box or paper towel tube. Tie the piñata to the cage with string or just dangle it in front of the guinea pig crowd and watch those piggies go.

Every birthday party needs games! The human and guinea pig guests will have fun with pin the tail on the donkey, Timothy hay eating contests, and don’t forget cornhole! If your guinea pig and piggie guests want to play cornhole, make sure there’s a set of boards and that cornhole bags that are appropriately sized. If the human guests are not into eating Timothy hay, please provide them with carrots to gobble down in a hurry. 😉

Take home party favors! Make sure to fill a treat bag with fruits and veggies for both the human and guinea pig guests! Once the piñata is busted and the piggies have enjoyed their fill, make sure to send home the leftovers! Perhaps, for the humans, you could send them home with a slice of human friendly cake?

Provide a bounce house! Bounces houses are all the rage at children’s birthday parties. The guinea pig’s would love to practice their popcorning skills in the bounce house, while getting some major height. Please supervise your guinea pig(s) while in occupation of the bounce house.

Dog rides, instead of pony rides! I know a few dogs that would love to let a guinea pig or dozen ride on their backs! The dog would be equipped with a saddle and handles attached to the saddle, so the guinea pigs could hang on while the dog moves about. It’s each and every guinea pig’s choice if they want the dog to run and jump while giving rides.

Hire live entertainment! Humans and guinea pigs alike can shake their groove thang with the musical tunes of a live band. If you really want a happening time, hire a band that plays swing music–guaranteed to make your guests move. A magician is always a great idea at parties. The magician can make a strawberry appear out of nowhere and turn a car into a pumpkin! Most magicians will let the birthday piggie perform a magic trick for the party guests too.

Create a hay buffet with all of the flavors! Orchard grass, Timothy hay, and Bluegrass are few of the hay offerings you could present to the guinea pigs at the party. With all of that munching on hay, make sure there are plenty water dispensers. If you’re having a large party, I recommend getting large bales of hay for the guinea pigs to munch on. Don’t worry if you have leftover bales; just send them home with the guinea pig guests!

Once again, happy birthday to all of the guinea pigs celebrating their birthdays! I hope that you have the best birthday party, ever! If you’re looking for a pet guinea pig, please contact your local rescues to see if you can become a guinea pig parent. Wheek, wheek!

eclipseWritten by Nikki Harbeston, Creative Stuff, for LAA Pet Talk. She resides in South Carolina with her husband and dog. Her blog features Diary of a Chubby Piggie and Into the Journey of Dog. Copyright August 2013-March 2014.

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