National Mutt Day

NationalMuttDayThe need for mutt adopters is so great that, according to DogTime, two days have been set aside to “raise awareness about the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters, and to remind potential pet parents that it’s the personality and not the pedigree that truly matters”. The goal of this biannual event, observed on July 31 and December 1, is to get 10,000 shelter mutts into the loving forever homes.

National Calendar Day lists the below reasons for welcoming a mixed breed dog into your family:

  • You can pick your favorite mix of traits. Mutts come in all sizes and colors and even coat textures. They vary in other ways too, having small ears that stand up or big floppy ears, long or short legs, and long fluffy tails or no tail at all.
  • You can find a mixed breed to fit your lifestyle. You might be looking for an outgoing dog or one with a watchdog nature. Maybe you want a four-legged workout partner or one that is a couch potato. Whatever your lifestyle, there’s the perfect mutt match out there for you.
  • You can discover which breeds make up your mutt. Dog DNA tests are growing in popularity as more pet owners are showing an interest in learning about the breeds that make up their canine companion.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Although the purchase of any dog will require similar expenses such as food, beds, collar and leash, toys, and vet visits, animal shelter adoption fees are more affordable than the cost of a purebred dog. (For a more detailed comparison of the advantages of mutts over purebred dogs, check out the rest of National Calendar’s list.)
  • A wide selection of mixed breed dogs is available from animal shelters and rescue organizations across the U.S. Adoptable mixed-breed dogs make up about 75% of the dogs at animal shelters, humane societies, and rescue facilities across the nation. When a shelter dog is adopted, that’s one less dog institutionalized and/or euthanized. Everyone wins!

Still uncertain? National Mutt Day lists several famous mutts. These include:

  • Benji, who was the star of several movies from 1974-2000.
  • Bobbie the Wonder Dog, who became famous for travelling over 2500 miles from Indiana to return to his owner’s home in Silverton.
  • Laika, who was the first dog put into space by the Russians. National Mutt Day 2016 has been dedicated to her honor and sacrifice.
  • Sinbad, who was one of two dogs to be classified as non-commissioned officers in the military.
  • Spike, who was a dog actor best-known for his performance in Old Yeller.

So please visit your local shelter and find a new dog friend today! If you aren’t in the position to adopt, then consider other ways to lend your support. You can volunteer to walk, groom, and spend time with a shelter dog. Donations in the form of food, supplies, or money are also always welcome. Maybe you could donate in the memory of a loved mutt of yours who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Finally, it takes only seconds to spread the word about National Mutt Day. On July 31 and December 1 (or any day in between), click and share the event’s Facebook page with family members and friends today.

National Mutt Day is a creation of Colleen Paige who, thanks to my research into pet calendar dates, is now a well-known name in our household. A pet and lifestyle expert, Paige is the founder of National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Puppy Day, National Special Needs Pets Day, and National Mutt Day. Her mission with these special dates is to help save millions of unwanted pets. Her holidays are celebrated in the United States and across the world. Join her and other pet lovers across the country in an effort to find shelter mutts their forever homes.