Your Precious Pets, A Growing Pet Grooming Business

The moment I walked into Your Precious Pets I smiled at the inviting atmosphere. Behind a welcome desk decorated with doggy decor, dogs of all sizes romped in a spacious area and employees chatted as they cheerfully groomed furry clients. The bubbly atmosphere was further enhanced by warm wall colors of orange and purple. The owner, Ranjit Singh, was in the middle of keeping the pet salon tidy, but even though my visit was unscheduled he graciously took the time to talk to me.

This building was an opportunity.–Ranjit Singh

preciouspets_ownerSingh has always loved animals, but he didn’t grow up with them, nor did he start out in the pet business. Instead he worked as an accountant and later as a gas station manager. When the opportunity arose, he also became a pet owner and the owner of a pet grooming business.

When I started, I screwed up everything.–Ranjit Singh

Singh takes no credit himself for the success of Your Precious Pets, but instead gives all credit to his employees. The four ladies know how to groom dogs from “start to finish”.

preciouspets_dyeShould a customer wish for their dog to have a more creative style, the ladies also offer hair coloring and tattoos. According to the Your Precious Pet website, these are accomplished with “all natural vegan hair dye that washes out in a couple of baths and a temporary blow-pen set we can use with stencils to give your pup a fleeting tattoo if you so desire!”

In addition to their grooming skills, Singh says the ladies have great personalities. They know how to greet and professional interact with customers, and how to work together as a team.

Most of the time, the doggy clients get along with each other too and are cooperative with their groomers. If dogs ever start to disagree, the culprits are kenneled and kept separate from the other dogs. Occasionally, there are a few “devil dogs” whose behavior during grooming proves a challenge. In those cases, a veterinarian is called and a calming medication might be prescribed.

99% of our customers come back.

preciouspets_groom1In the five years since its start, Your Precious Pets has continued to grow. Singh believes this is due to customer satisfaction, both on the part of the owners and the dogs. “Customers smile when they pick up their dogs. They’re happy with the grooming.” Equally important, the dogs love being at Your Precious Pets so much that they’re eager to return. The salon’s website invites people to come in for a tour with their dog. “What you see is what you’ll get. The dogs play and have fun.”

One of the groomers shared an anecdote with me. She said that customers often bring homemade cookies to Your Precious Pets around the holidays. “One dog decided to be Santa Claus one year. He threw all the cookies down on the floor and the dogs devoured them. Thankfully. there wasn’t any chocolate!”

preciouspets_groom2As part of its growth, Your Precious Pets has continued to expand its services. Not only does Your Precious Pets offer full grooming, bath and brush options, and spa treatment, but also provides limited daycare services. Dogs aren’t kenneled, but instead are allowed to run, sleep, and otherwise enjoy themselves for the duration of their stay. Customers with appointments to have their dogs groomed can even drop their pets off early for fun time. “This is fine with us and there’s no extra charge for play time!”

Your Precious Pets has always given back to the community by donating to shelters and churches, contributing free grooming services to auctions and raffles, and providing grooming to shelter dogs for free. This summer, Your Precious Pets embarked on a new adventure. It applied to become a registered foster facility for the Texas-based Saving Amarillo Shelter Dogs. (SASD Rescue offers vet care, transport, and everything in between to get shelter dogs into foster homes before their time is up.) Your Precious Pets will foster up to three shelter dogs that have been carefully screened to make sure they’re healthy and well-behaved.

Located at 1600 Normandy Court, Your Precious Pets prides itself on offering experienced and artistic grooming for pets. You should call ahead to schedule an appointment. Your Precious Pets will estimate your pick-up time when you drop off your pet, and always accommodate your schedule. All dogs must be picked up by 6 p.m. More information can be found on the Your Precious Pet website, while photos of varied dog haircuts and information about community events involving Your Precious Pets can be viewed on its Facebook page.




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