January 14: Dress Up Your Pet Day

dressuppet_logoSome pets detest clothes; others embrace them. For that reason, you should keep your pet’s personality foremost in mind when deciding whether to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Created by animal advocate and pet holiday creator extraordinaire, Colleen Paige, this special day is designed to celebrate pets and to support the pet fashion community.

Barnaby With Bow tie, Photo taken by Cherished Images
Barnaby With Bow tie, Photo taken by Cherished Images

Just as pets have different reactions to wearing outfits, pet owners have different feelings on the matter too. Personally, this isn’t one of my favorite pet calendar dates. I tend to dress my pets up for only practical reasons. In winter, dogs have often gotten sweaters to keep them warm and occasionally boots to keep them steady on cold and slippery surfaces. Then again, sometimes I’ve dressed up pets for less practical reasons. There was my guinea pig’s eighth birthday. All our pets, including the dog and the cat, wore party hats—briefly. Then there was a photo shoot where our toy poodle wore a bowtie. He looked adorable!


The National Dress Up Your Pet Day website says that it’s more common for pet owners to buy accessories than to buy actual clothing. Perhaps this is where my husband and I fall. In that case, you might simply take advantage of the day to donate blankets and other needed items to your local pet shelters. After all, pet calendar dates are just as much about supporting homeless animals as they are about having fun.

The website also acknowledges that some pet owners will go all out when dressing up their pets. Should you fall into this category, just make sure you dress your pet in comfortable and safe attire. If an outfit restricts movement or breathing, your pet could be injured or get sick. Also, keep in mind that many pets like to chew, so avoid loose or dangling pieces, which are choking hazards.

If all precautions are taken, make the most of the moment by taking lots of photos and sharing the best online. National Dress Up Your Pet Day states that you can “bring happiness to strangers through your beloved pet”. For that reason, if you tag your photos with #dressupyourpetday, your pet might just get featured on the event’s website! Other ideas for celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day include dressing up in matching outfits, throwing a pet costume party, or holding a neighborhood “pets on parade”.

Undecided? Check out PetMD’s 10 Top Reasons to Dress Up Your Pet


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