Keeping Pets Safe during Firework Season


Whether you are hosting your own fireworks display this weekend or just sitting back to enjoy a show, your pet likely does not share your enthusiasm for all the festivities. All the noise created from 4th of July celebrations can have a traumatic effect on your pet and can potentially lead to a dangerous situation. More pets are lost over the 4th of July holiday than any other time of year. Don’t let your pet become a statistic. Keep them safe by following these simple steps.
  • Give your pet the opportunity to exercise early in the day before the fireworks start.
  • Keep your pet inside and don’t forget to close your doors and windows. A frightened dog could bolt through a screen door or could easily push out the screen on a window.
  • Designate a comfortable area, possibly in an interior room of your home, for your pet to escape the noise. Play music or turn on a TV to help drown out the fireworks.
  • Check your fence for any openings or loose boards your pet could slip through.
  • Do not let pets outside unless on a leash or within an securely fenced yard. Even within a fence it may be best to keep a pet on a leash as a scared dog may leap over a fence.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with current identification tags to help reunite you and your pet in case they do get lost. Consider microchipping your pet for more permanent identification.

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