The Coolest Thing: A Pet Stroller!

That is the coolest thing I have seen all day.

In the summer of 2013, after my husband and I experienced some pet losses, we started to think about how to spoil our two remaining pets. Our cat, Lucy, loved to spend supervised time outside. For that reason, we’d always hated leaving her behind while we took our dog, Barnaby, for a walk. I’d tried training her to use a leash, but there were so many obstacles that I’d given up. (Lucy refused to sit patiently while I figured out how to put a harness on her. I chickened out at the idea of taking her on walks that might expose her to unfriendly dogs.) After some brainstorming, we bought her a pet stroller.

From then on, we took Lucy with us whenever we walked Barnaby. Lucy was restless during our first outing, and didn’t seem to know what to make of being confined in this way. In time, she got used to this new mode of transportation, and seemed to enjoy coming with us on walks. She’d sit erect, and look this way and that, taking in all the sights through the stoller’s mesh windows. Although she couldn’t sniff the ground for scents the way Barnaby could, Lucy at times leaned forward and smelled the air.

Later that year when we lost Lucy to Chronic Kidney Failure, the stroller was passed onto our adopted senior silky terrier. Earlier that summer, Gizmo had scared us when he lost the use of his back legs, and we took him to a specialist. Because he still had “deep feeling” in his legs, surgery wasn’t recommended. Instead we borrowed a doggy wheelchair for use in the house and, for walks, we put him in the stroller.

gizmo_fame`Initially, Gizmo seemed to take well to the stroller. He bobbed about in his typical excited manner and would whine when he needed to use the bathroom. When we took him with us to a local fund-raiser, the stroller won Gizmo his moment of fame when a reporter took his photo for a regular insert in our local newspaper. Unfortunately, Gizmo began to struggle more with various ailments, and bathroom breaks were need more often. When he began to have frequent accidents in the stroller, we stopped being able to take him for the walks that had once brought him great happiness.

When we lost Gizmo in the spring of 2015 to pancreatitis, the stroller again was passed onto another pet. After Lucy’s death, we had adopted a tortoiseshell cat from Hearts United for Animals. Initially, Cinder didn’t have any better idea of what to make of the stroller than Lucy had, but we remained persistent. But while Lucy had grown to enjoy the stroller, Cinder did not, and so we shelved the idea.

It began to look as if the stroller might end up being relegated to storage. Then along came a kitten. When we decided to adopt Rainy, we took the stroller out again and tried our two cats in it at the same time. That worked well enough, and now both Cinder and Rainy join us for our walks with Barnaby. Just as Lucy did, they take in all the sights and smells. Sometimes too, they scuffle together as sisters do, or, on warmer days, they curl up contentedly.

One on of our first walks, we overheard someone exclaim that the pet stroller was the coolest thing they had seen all day Others may think their cats would consider this undignified or that it’s silly to treat cats like babies. Regardless of what people think, our pets approve, and that’s really all that matters.


6 thoughts on “The Coolest Thing: A Pet Stroller!

      1. Thank you we will Speedy will be coming too this time, but I think he is thinking he is being left behind as he’s been buzzing around us for the last couple of days, he’s in for a surprise tomorrow 🙂


      2. Fun! Our pets never get to travel with us, except for trips that take less than half a day. They sure do miss us when gone. 😦 Speedy will be excited I’m sure when he finds out that he’s going with you.

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