Guest Post: Building the Best Castle in Guinea Pig Kingdom

Guinea pigs love open space to run around in. They just want to be free piggies. As a guinea pig mom or dad, you have the power to see that your guinea pig has the best castle in the guinea pig kingdom.


For one guinea pig a cage size of 30” x 36” is recommended and for two guinea pigs 30” x 50” is recommended. Keep in mind, these sizes are the bare minimum. From personal experience, I strongly suggest a larger cage. My husband and I built a cage out of three materials:

  • Coroplast: This material was used for the flooring in the cage. It’s corrugated plastic sheets that can be found at Amazon, Home Depot, or Lowe’s. I want to stress that guinea pigs need a smooth solid flooring. Flooring that’s not smooth and solid will hurt their feet, causing blisters and messed up toes.
  • Wire shelving: These were used to form the structure of the cage. We found these at Target a long time ago. My suggestion is to use google to find these.
  • Zip ties: These can be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, etc. The zip ties help bind the cage together.

The size of the cage we built was 13 feet long and 3 feet wide. It took up one side of our whole kitchen wall! At the time we built this cage, we had a very long table that we used as our kitchen table and decided for our boys, we would use the table for their cage. When the cage was first built we used bedding from the store, that proved too expensive, so we switched to lining the cage with towels. Towels were able to be swapped out as needed and the boys were happier. (They sneezed a lot from the bedding previously.) To make your own guinea pig castle, here’s a video to get you started:

Now that the guinea pig fortress is complete, let us move on to decorating and renovating fortress guinea pig. Your guinea pig(s), like humans, need to customize their dwelling. May I suggest starting with a hay buffet, food dish, water bottle, and a shelter that they can carry out their plans for world domination in?

Our guinea pigs had us wrapped around their little paws, so their cage was filled with the basics, but also with two cuddly cups, two pigloos, two water bottles and tons of toys. I do suggest that you get some toys for your pig(s), especially something for them to chew on. Our boys had plenty of luxuries. Rocco (my spunky boy) would take his head and flip the pigloo out of the cage for attention purposes. Please remember that toys cannot take the place of the human servant for your pig(s).

Let us talk about renovations! Our boys loved when we would change things around in their cage, popcorning and wheeking ensued. We would move their pigloos around for them and without fail every time they would move them to where they wanted them. In my opinion, cleaning out their cage would count as renovations. Our boys loved a fresh and clean cage, but also liked to stink it up as fast as possible. Before stinking up their clean cage, they would run around, knock over the pigloos and then potty on the bedding. Some guinea pigs may not like renovations in their home, so move the belongings carefully!

Written by Nikki Harbeston, Creative Stuff, for LAA Pet Talk. She resides in South Carolina with her husband and dog. Her blog features Diary of a Chubby Piggie and Into the Journey of Dog. Copyright August 2013-March 2014.

eclipseIf you are a pet owner with writing skills, Lincoln Animal Ambassadors would love to hear from you! We’re especially looking for content about birds, exotic animals, and horses. Content may take the form of an advice column or how-to articles. You may even simply wish to act as an expert consultant. If you are interested, please post in the comments and we’ll be in touch.


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