April 18: Pet Owners Independence Day

From pets to owners, on April 18, roles are reversed! The idea is to switch roles with your pet, with your pet taking over all the household chores and even filling in for you at work, while you lie around the house and otherwise indulge yourself.

Pixabay Commons
Pixabay Commons

Yes, I know this is a silly pet holiday. What pet is going to groom us, prepare us meals, or take us for strolls? And, as much as we’d love to stay home to take eight-hour naps, what pet is going drive to our work place, serve clients, or type notes on the computer in our place?

Pixabay Commons
Pixabay Commons

On a similar note, as Days of the Year points out, do owners really want to take on the role of their pets? Since when is gnawing bones or keeping scratching posts trim our idea of a good time? Do we really wish to be subjected to obedience classes or catching mice for our keep? On the other hand, I liked some of these ideas from Tru Dog: Play fetch. Nap on the couch. Wade into the shallow part of a lake and catch fish without a pole. Bark at the neighbors, whine at the strays, and howl at the moon.

It’s a wacky holiday. Yet if you fantasize enough, you might hit upon some fun ways to celebrate such as Examiner’s idea of putting Polly the Parakeet in charge of social media for the day. Or you might simply decide that the bottom line is to celebrate yourself as a pet owner and treat yourself to a special day of whatever you choose. If you choose to do this, drop us a line to let us know what you did! Then we can compile everyone’s ideas for next year’s Pet Owner’s Independence Day.


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