World Pet Memorial Day

Held each second Sunday in June, World Pet Memorial Day is a time to remember the pets that were once part of our lives and to celebrate the bond we held with them. Pets bring us many benefits: they can improve our mood, relieve our stress, and provide comfort in time of need. For many of us, pets become our family, and their loss leaves a forever hole in our hearts. If you’re struggling with grief, you’ll find resources near the end of this post to help.

I and other pet owners have given various types of tribute to pets that have passed. We’ve participated in candle-lighting memorials, posted photos online, written narratives, created scrapbooks, and kept mementos. Some pet owners have taken extra steps by offering support to others struggling with loss. Even vets often give tribute; two of our pets have been remembered through donations to research and tree plantings. Fact Monster offers additional suggestions for honoring deceased pets such as: buy a special urn for a pet’s ashes, hold a service, add an inscription to your pet’s gravestone, or even sponsor a community park bench in your pet’s name. At the bottom of this article are listed tributes I’ve written. If you wish to share your own, please post in the comments.

As with many of these special pet days, World Pet Memorial Day is also a time to support efforts to build a better future for animals who without help will never know a human/pet bond. In honor of a beloved dog or cat who has died, pet owners might give the gift of their time to a local shelter or rescue, make a monetary donation to a “paws cause,” or contribute tangibles such as food, toys, blankets, and other much-needed supplies to a shelter or rescue organization. I personally have committed myself to adopting only homeless pets and volunteering my time with Husker Cats and Lincoln Animal Ambassadors. The posts you read at LAA Pet Talk are my way of giving tribute to all the animals that filled my life with years of love, before passing far too early from my life.

Whatever you decide to do on June 12, take time to honor those pets you’ve lost. Then hug the pets that are still with you, treasure every big and small moment with them, and live life to the fullest.

Grief Resources

Personal Pet Tributes



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